How to prepare for RS math kindergarten

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    Hello all! ok,this is a planning question….i am planning to do RS math next year with my dd who will then be just 6. i had been hoping to start RS level A this year, but its really not in the budget at the moment and that is cool bc really 5 is quite young….but that being said i still want to do “some” math…my dh especially wants there to be some math each week.

    but i am having a hard time deciding what to do!? because of how rightstart is set up, SO different from how i learned math! and such a unique way of visualizng numbers from the beginning…i dont want to teach math in a way she will need to “unlearn” when we start formal lessons next year….

    any advice? thoughts? games we can play that will be helpful for rightstart eventually? I would really appreciate anything others have done to prepare!

    she knows numbers 1-20 and prob. higher and simple addition etc just from life….


    You might consider posting this question on the right start yahoo group. I have found it very helpful.


    thankyou. that is a good idea! i am not part of the group yet…i had forgot all about it. but i will try that soon.


    When my daughter was in K, we didn’t use RS math A.  I had originally purchased A for one of my older children when they were in K, and I felt it was unnecessary, and didn’t really use much of it – In my opinion, level B repeats a lot of A.  (though this was a number of years ago, so maybe that has changed – you might want to check the TOC).

    In K, we just didn’t do formal math – we used math around the house – i.e. cooking, etc., and we chose some of the easy numeral games in the beginning of the RS Games book – she really liked doing those – and it was just a fun introduction to math, without the formality.


    We just started level A a few weeks ago. To prepare him, we have been doing a “calendar time” for a while now. I just sit down and we talk about the weather, day of the week, month, and date. When we get to the date I have my DS show me the number on the abacus. We talk about how 21 is two tens and a one. Not sure if this will help him (since we are only on the 4th lesson), but it is a RightStart way of counting and identifing numbers and gets him excited about using the abacus.

    Also, I was able to find the full Level A package on eBay for $50. I think the current price on the RS website is $115. You might find a good deal on eBay. We found our abacus (to use before I started the curriculum) at a thrift store for $1. HTH!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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