How many hours per day?


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    I am just wondering how many hours a day children should spend doing school for each grade?  I read this somewhere and I am wondering if it is accurate. I am counting “school” as the basics, history, geography, and enrichment.


    K- 30 min.

    1-2nd 30-60 min

    3-5 2-3 hours

    6-8th 4-5 hours

    highschool- 6-7 hours

    6-7 hours seems like a lot of homeschool high school, but my kids are young so I don’t know.  I want to use our time well and I want my kids to have time to explore their own interests, not just do “school”.


    I probably did 5-6 hours personally on hs. I remember having math and most ELSI done by lunch and having a bit of “reading” to do later like literature or history. I was all done by like 2 if I remember correctly with no homework to do later. I had lots of time to explore other stuff…mock trial, youth group, drama, babysit

    ..sometimes I did school while my babysitting charges slept.

    My oldest is 5 so I am not there with kids yet at all:)


    Honestly, so far my hours have lined up exactly with yours. K was about 30, 1-2 was about 1 hour and 3 was around 1.5 and 4 we’re doing around 2.


    My kids’ schedules line up with those times – probably on the lower end of those times, but still within the range.

    Including our morning studies:

    2nd grader – approximately 2 hours
    3rd grader – approximately 2 hours
    5th grader – approximately 2 1/2 hours
    9th grader – approximately 6 hours


    Thanks  everyone.  That’s helpful


    Our days run about 4/5 hours for the 13 yo and about 5/6 for the 16 yo but that’s a smooth sailing day with no rabbit holes, longer discussions, etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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