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  • Just curious for anyone using Math U See, how many days a week to you do math? Right now, its a lot of review for my daughter. So we are doing 1 lesson a week. But I’m curious as it gets harder how many days a week do you spend working on math? And do you watch the Lesson video on your own, with your child, or let them watch it alone? I watch it with mine.


    We do it everyday.Since I’m new to charlotte mason method others may do it differantly. We watch the video together but only if they don’t get the lesson with me teaching it to them.



    We use MUS and LOVE it – we do it everyday. I always watch the video with her because it teaches her and it shows me how to teach her for future review. For the lessons we are using, sometimes I find that there is not enough practice for her to really get it, so I will not move on to the next lesson until she gets it – during this time I just handwrite some math problems for her to do of whatever it is she isn’t getting and maybe throw in 2 or 3 review problems.


    Kelsey – we use MUS and really love it. We actually used it years ago, went away from it and are back. I watch the video with my children – even my 13 yo, because I want to be able to help him if he needs it and I have found that sometimes I can reword something and it makes more sense to him. I also watch him do some of the practice problems. If I see that he gets it and he can teach it back to me, he goes forward with the first worksheet. If he TOTALLY gets it, and if it seems like more review, I will allow him to skip B and C pages and move straight to the systematic review.

    If it is just review for your daughter, you might consider letting her go straight to the systematic review pages – D, E, and F and then move to the next lesson. I wouldn’t let her skip any of the systematic review pages, though, because these cover things from previous lessons as well.

    Rebekahy – You might think about going to the MUS website and printing off more review pages, instead of handwriting them. here is the link to the worksheet generator and you can actually pick which book your child is on, which lessons you need practice problems for (a from lesson and to lesson – like practice from lesson 5 – 8) and it even pops out an answer key for you. you can also pick how many rows and columns you want on the page!! Very nice feature! They also have an online drill that my children love!



    Alrighty!!! Thank you!


    We do MUS every day also. We spend about 10-15 minutes for my youngest son; my older ones more like 20-30 minutes a day.

    We have gone through a single lesson in as little at fifteen minutes or as long as a month. 🙂 The key is to make sure the child really understands the concept. When they can teach ME back how to do a word problem, they can take the test and move on.

    I also use the online drill for my youngest son. Good review for speeding up those answers a little bit on the basic math operations.


    We also LOVE mathusee. We are right there with bookworm. Some lessons the boys will do in 15 min and they just get it or say this is easy, others I’ve spent a month, like certain multiplication problems have just been really hard. One thing I love is that the website has a worksheet generator and i can just go into it and make more if I need more. So in a nut shell a lesson may take a day or 2 or up to months. One thing I know is DO NOT move on until they totally understnad what is being taught. Oh, and no I don’t watch the video’s at this point and I say that because math is very easy for me but when they getup in the grades I just might have to.


    Christine, Thanks for the tip on printing out extra practice from the website – I have done that a little, but we’re just working through the primer and so they don’t have review pages specifically for that – some of the things are covered from Alpha, but others are not, so I just quickly write them out, but I’m sure others will not know about that option so it’s really great that you posted. Thanks again!

    Yea I hadn’t though to go back to the website! thanks! Drills and extra worksheets are helpful for practice@!

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