How long of a break to take from school after new baby?


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    Just curious how long of a break any of you all like to take after having a baby?  I’m in the middle of week 3 right now.  I also have an almost 2 yr old, a 4 yr old, and an 8 yr old.  The 8 yr old is the only one doing actual school work.  I started back this week with math for her.  She reads a lot independently.  We kind of school year round and take breaks when we want.


    Mine has varied with each one and all babies but 1 have been born during a school year.  I’m having baby #9 tomorrow (or that is the plan at least).  The planned break is a month, but most likely we’ll make it 2 weeks and then the kids will be begging for something to do, so we’ll add in a few things (not full schedule).  Sometimes I plan a unit study for the post baby but before a month is over break.  Something they can enjoy as a group.  The first thing we pick back up is a read aloud – always.


    My kids are about the same age.  7, 4, 2, and 5 weeks.  my kids do better with structure and I love school, so we started back after two weeks ( although our break started two weeks before my baby was born). we just do math and language arts, and Bible.  We do habits (laying down the rails) once or twice a week and then we do history, science, music, art, poetry, and picture study when and if we all are up for it.  My  7 year old loves science, so really the only extra we have done besides math, L.A., Bible, and habits is science and a little history.  We have done art once and poetry once.  I am kind of just doing whatever we can get done, but focusing on the basics.  Oh, and we always read aloud so that is a given.  I also take days off and let my kids do on the computer or just read or listen to a book on cd, if I am just too tired from a hard night.  It is more chaotic at times I must say!


    We start back after a week or two (at least part-time).  It’s very easy to get read alouds done while nursing the baby.  Books on CD or Librivox are also easy to add in.  We don’t usually do a full CM schedule for awhile, but I can usually fit in basic 3Rs along with a couple other subjects fairly early on.

    My DC need the structure and something to do.  When my 4th baby was born, I had a big box of things for them to do on their own: simple art kits, puzzles, games, activity books, file folder games, etc.  Whenever I was busy with the baby, I’d direct them to the box.  We actually used this along with the 3Rs to cover all their subjects for most of that year!

    Personally, I’ve found homeschooling with a newborn to be easier than homeschooling with a toddler (or a colicky 2-3 month old).  I prefer to save our breaks for those stages.   However, not all babies (and births) are alike, and I could see needing more time to recover.   I also tend to sleep in after a late night up with the baby, so we’d have a late start on many days.  😉


    I just had my fourth. Kids are 8, 5, 3 and 10 weeks. We took off longer than I expected. It was a hard transition! I still had 8yo doing his independent work, and we continued with Scripture memory and Bible reading and a history read aloud when possible. After 3 weeks I think, I added in spanish/poem/Bible drill. The hardest to fit in was science and geography. I ended up making a loop schedule of read alouds so we don’t get to everything as frequently as I’d like, but we get to it. I made that switch around 4-5 weeks when I realized that there just wasn’t as much time in the day as I wanted, and I wanted to cover those other subjects. Then if baby is fussy, we can skip a reading and just do it next time without feeling like we are “behind.” It has been very helpful!


    Thanks ladies!  I definitely think having the structure and getting back into some kind of school routine even if lighter has been good this week.  I agree, having a newborn isn’t too much with school for me this time, but along with the almost 2 year old who is just newly potty trained and still having accidents… I think that’s the kicker! Haha!  I think I will implement the loop scheduling for the subjects other than the basics for now… Good idea!  I also work from home, so trying to figure how and when to get back to that.

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