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  • Hello,I was wondering if there are anyone else who is also homeschooling just one child? Looking at many blogs about CM homeschooling, seems that it is a rarity to only have one child to homeschool. It is not by choice, my husband and I have just simply not been blessed with more children. I have a 4 year old. Also, what are typical schedules other mother’s have during the day. I spend a lot of time just thinking of the “perfect” schedule. I think I have one, then, being an overly perfectionist,feel that I need to add something else! I appreciate any comments.


    hi there– we are just one;) and i blog;):) my old one is

    for various reasons I JUST moved to…

    i wrote about our schedule- which i do very loosely…oh Andrew is special needs. he is very smart academically but socially has some issues. (autisticish.. adhd..and hearing impaired.) here is a link to our schedule.

    off to the side of the RDIsuperparents is my ‘topics’ links as well as a few specific cm posts.

    i am constantly in flux w/ our schedule by the way… and I am new to CM. read about it when andrew was about 2 years old- then ended up coming back to it last year.



    Dear Heather,

    I also “just” have one right now. We have 3 much older (young adult)children who no longer live at home. Our sweet surprise came to us through foster care, then became adoptable, and we assumed and expected that God would send others as well – that didn’t happen. I think it’s important to take one day at a time, realizing that God may yet have surprises for your family! But if your family stays the way it is, rejoice in His love and wisdom and choose to enjoy the plusses of your circumstances. So our “only” is 6 years old now, and we’re embarking down the home education pathway for the second time. I think/hope I’m a little older and wiser, but I also know I’ll make a whole new set of mistakes!! I DO NOT see myself as an expert on schooling one, but I can only tell you what I see so far.

    First, it’s so FUN to be able to tailor the learning to one and their pace. As your child learns, you will be able to move as quickly or slowly as you see best. Our oldest had some learning difficulties, and I believe that one reason she has gone on to graduate from college and be employed is that she had many years to perceive of herself as a learner before she was in a traditional classroom. We are taking advantage of this aspect with our 6-yr. old and it seems to be good for her,too. Secondly, an only child will probably be around adults a lot, providing many opportunities to observe mature behavior. I think CM placed high value on relationships that children develop with all different kinds of people, Now, our 6-yr. old can be rowdy with the best of them and is in no way perfect. But last spring when she accompanied me to the home of a family who had just lost their son in a car accident, she observed and followed the example of quiet listening and pitched in when it was time to help work. Of course a group of siblings mights have done exactly the same, but I share that as an example of the benefits of being around adults. Lastly, I have wondered how to implement some of CM’s nature study suggestions with an only. I’m trying to do more with that area than I did with the older 3, and have found that the most fun and successful path has been for me to join in as if I was a kid too! I didn’t have the kind of involvement with nature as a child that CM encourages, so it’s not hard for me to look with wonder and a sense of excited discovery when we are outside. My daughter doesn’t love to be outside alone, and I don’t always feel like leaving my responsibilities in the house, but we have shared some wonderful moments of fun and delight together when I have tried to make outside time a priority and go with that kid’s heart that is still inside me somewhere!

    Well, Heather, I hope these tidbits are encouraging to you.

    God bless you as you nurture your precious one.

    Under His deep mercy,


    Hello, We are an only child homeschooling family also. Our son is 5 soon to be 6 at the end of sept. He has an older sister jr in high school and two adult siblings not living with us. I want our schooling to be fun, not full of stress but still keeping him advanced in learning.

    Along this line, are there any middled age moms, like over 40?


    I’m 44! I have two right now though, 6 & 7. My oldest, now married, was home schooled alone. We did not employ CM with him, unfortunately, I had not even heard of it yet. Our schedule was kept quite flexible. I had a very busy business from home, so it needed to be. When we DID work, it was easier to plan and actually complete our tasks because I knew my pupil so well. Gaging work, planning lessons, scheduling extracurricular, it was effortless and most the time hit the target precisely. When it didn’t, it was so easy to adjust for him.

    As Nancy said, he matured faster then his peers because his primary influence was adults. It was a wonderful experience, the camaraderie we shared then and still do. We shared an intimacy that was different then what I have with my 2 now. It might have been the boy/girl thing, but if I get busy, the DD’s are just as happy with each other as they are with me.

    As a soon-to-be grandma now (yeahhhh) my only word of wisdom is don’t be a slave to what ever schedule you do set. It’s excellent to have one, but time is precious. Take advantage of every opportunity to share in your child’s private world; chase a rabbit, watch the clouds, dream about the future. They’re here and gone so quickly. The beauty of a CM education is how effortlessly it flows with life and becomes a natural part of the day. We accomplish so much more, yet it never feels like “school”. I wish I had had this with my DS. We know what needs to be accomplished each day, we start at the same time every day, we have times and areas we do certain things but it all flows seamlessly. But when a butterfly catches our eye, though, we follow it!

    (And Heather, when you least expect it, God will surprise you. His timing is perfect. Looking back, I can see how His hand was in our s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out family and I wouldn’t have had it any other way)

    Blessings, Tonni


    I know I’m responding to a post from a year ago, but I’m so glad to see that there are many other families that have one child at home!  I too have wondered if there were many families that taught one child at home.  We also have one child, our son is 71/2 and we have homeschooled him from the beginning.  It has been a joyful experience with some tough days here and there!  🙂  

    I, like Heather found myself in the beginning imagining the perfect schedule for the school day.  I soon found that it will vary, and that is O.K.  My son needed the variance and daily expectations required our day to be a little flexible as well.  

    My style of teaching is more eclectic, I have used some Charlotte Mason ideas and still do periodically.  My son loves the hands on ways of CM and loves getting involved (or getting dirty! :)) with things as CM promotes.  It definitely makes learning more fun, exciting and when a butterfly (or frog in our case lately!) flies by, we follow it too!  Those little adventures add a nice break in the day and we still learn.

    BTW I am 42 soon to be 43.

    Check out my blog on our homeschooling journey!  

    Blessings to you,




    Hi, I’am homeschooling an only child as well a daughter she turns 5 in Mar, I’ am excited and very uncertain, so far so good, I would like to get a list of books that would be good for her, we go to the library lots. I have invested in Horizons for math and Kindergarten, but really like SM style to do lots of reading, I hope she will love the Little House Books soon, and will keep my eyes open and ears for more Sm style books for the early years. Please if any one have any sugestions, let me know. My daughter has brothers, but they are lots, lots, older and don’t live at home. This will be my first at homeschooling.  God Bless, It’s nice to know there are other parents with only one to homeschool.

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