Homeschooling an only child

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    What advice would you give to a family with an only child (almost 5) who is interested in homeschooling, but has concerns about the child becoming too dependant on mom and dad, who doesn’t enjoy playing alone, he constantly wants mom and dad with him? Will he get enough “social interaction”? What are some ways to facilitare this?

    Are any of you out there homeschooling an only child?



    I have homeschooled my only ds, now 10, since PreK. The younger years were a little more difficult, I remember, as he did want mom & dad to play with him often. It just took some time for habit training, I guess, for him to learn that it was OK to play by himself sometimes, and with mom & dad sometimes. Another thing that has been so helpful for us has been our local homeschool group’s weekly park days and as many playdates as I could manage with other friends. Definately look for groups or other homeschoolers in your area.

    Not to say we didn’t have hard days – that we did, still do sometimes. But he learned over time that he’d be OK if we couldn’t have a friend over that day or if mom had to be busy cleaning or paying bills or something. He’s known for quite some time now, and appreciated, that school is NOT playing with other kids all day, and that it includes lots of the kind of seat work that he hates to do.  😉 

    I’ve recently started reading a book by JoAnne Calderwood, The Self-Propelled Advantage, that I wish I’d found a long time ago. You may find that helpful for ideas in training to work independantly. And, of course, Sonya’s books here on Habit Training, as well – Laying Down the Rails.

    I hope that helps a bit. I’m happy to answer any more specific questions. Feel free to PM me if you prefer that.

    Melissa in TX

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