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    Hi there,  

    I’ve been looking at the Family Study Handbooks (specifically Module 2/Ancient Greece) and wondering how many days a week you do History.  It looks like you do Bible 3 days, Geography 1 day and History 1 day each week.  Is this right??

    When I look at the sample “typical schedule”, it lists Bible every day, History every day and Geography 1 day.

    So, do you need to add more History and Bible each week than what is included in the Handbooks?

    I hope that makes sense 🙂

    Thank you for your comments.



    If you look at this link   http://simplycharlottemason.com/planning/weekly/typicalweek/   in a  typical week they do history 5 days, geography one, and bible 5 days.


    No you don’t need to do any more than what is in the handbook “unless” you want to add more to it.  I have used it and we really like it.  I felt it covered everything well for our kids 11, and under.  Misty


    I consider the Bible portion of the handbooks to be Biblical history and we cover that 2 days per week, the geography one day and history 2 days. No, I don’t think you need to add anything to these studies.

    We have our Bible study or devotions daily, using either the Bible, a Bible storybook (for littles), a missionary story or character study and that forms the daily Bible part of our schedule. It is separate from our history studies.

    I’m not sure how others do it, but this is what we do.



    Sonya Shafer

    The typical schedule is just one example. Please don’t feel locked into it. Smile

    That said, I can see how it might be confusing. In the handbooks Bible history is called “Bible” to differentiate it from the world history. But I do still consider it to be history. And it could definitely be considered Bible. 

    Short answer, as was already given, you don’t need to add anything to the handbooks unless you want to. Smile

    Mum In Zion

    Thank you for your input.  I didn’t realize the Bible was actually considered Bible History Smile

    We are currently doing 2 days World History (Ancient Egypt), 2 days Australian History (we are AustraliansSmile) and 1 day Geography as well as Bible everyday.  I think using the Handbook as our guide for our next school year will make a nice change of pace. 

    We are starting our new school year in April and I’m excited that I found SCM.  I was feeling discouraged using our current curriculum (or combination of curriculums!).  I hope this will be the beginning of a happier and more relaxed year of learning.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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