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    Its me again. I have just been really thinking about the next few years and how best to implement the SCM resources in my home. We have always done family studies for as many subjects as possible. And I have loved it. But this year I split my oldest son off on his own for a few reasons. One he is a cantankerous 16 year old who cant be kind to his sister.  And two, I am waaayyy to easy on him and wanted him to have his own lesson plans to follow and be accountable to. Well, it is going fine, but I miss the family time. I realized his attitude toward his sister was a habit to be addressed. And my being too easy is perhaps a habit I need to address. Goals to achieve before September. I want to bring us back together, but we are different history tracks now and I cannot come up with any way to get us back in line and get him his required credits. He still needs a World history and an American. He is working on Ancient now and we are in Modern Times. So next year we would be doing Egypt and Greece, and he would do Rome and Middle ages (I am combining to make a four year cycle).  My daughter is entering high school next year also so I need to be cognizant of her graduation requirements as well. Initially I intended just plug along in different time periods, but the Bible study is so tied in during the ancient studies I dont want to miss that. I was thinking of jumping to Rome/Middle ages for all of us (skipping Egypt/Greece for my youngers). That puts us together next year (11th/9th/6th). But the following year my senior will need to complete the modern times and the rest of us will be in early modern. I think that will be doable, since Bible isnt tied to history. We can do the EM geography and Bible together and even some family literature together. Any ideas or suggestions. Should I just keep us all separate at this point?




    Are your graduation requirements mandated in your state laws or are they just something you are choosing? Because I’m not sure I know of ANY state that mandates exactly what history time periods a HOMESCHOOLed high schooler must study.

    In other words, be the boss of your curriculum! Choose what you want to have everyone study and go with that. No perfect rotation needed.

    Believe it or not, most colleges couldn’t care less what history time periods your teen studies. Or what science topics. Or what electives they have. They are going to look more at testing scores like the ACT and the essays your teen writes to evaluate them.

    Embrace the freedom.

    Maybe that means skipping Egypt/Greece for your younger kids to bring them into line with where you want the high schooler. Maybe it doesn’t. And every future high schooler will hit the high school years at a different point in history for 9th grade, unless you plan to have every child jump out of rotation to do the ‘exact 4’ time periods in a specific order that you feel they should do in high school on their own.

    And, if you want them to have a specific set of history studies in high school, go for it. Embrace that. But know they may do them out of order (ex: maybe one is on middle ages for 9th and ends 12th grade with Egypt/Greece, while the next begins 9th in Early Modern and ends in Rome/Middle Ages.) It doesn’t matter.

    Learning is not linear, it is circular, we continually come back to our basic knowledge and make new connections with past material.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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