History Help – which This Country of Ours edition!?!

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    We have started to receive delivery of our HS books!  YIPPEE! It is like Christmas and certainly makes this all seem more real (our first year!).

    I have felt to do US History and for our history “spine” I chose TCOO. It seems I ordered the only version of This Country of Ours that does not have an index! I think it should have an index lol  I went back to Amazaon and there are SIX different versions/publishers! I would pick the one not to have a TofC lol

    Which version/publisher should I really have ordered (this one will go back as I have some other items to return also). The other 5:

    1. Qontro Classics, 642pgs, B&W cover, $18 (prices rounded up)

    2. FQ Classics, 644pgs, hardcover, G. Washington on cover, $25

    3. Yesterday Classics, 636 pgs, $18

    4. Mass Market Paperback, flag on cover, 316 pgs, $8

    5. Kessinger Pub, 460pgs, $29

    My guess is Yesterday Classics, how did I miss this ?!!? I will be taking care of the return this week.  And now I am looking at Mara Pratt’s books American History Stories again, DD8 says she likes these better as I read out loud from both of them to her. I had thought the TCOO would have longevity age wise but maybe that shouldn’t drive my choice…hmm, decisions…thanks for any input!


    Richele Baburina

    Hello-  I’m sorry that I haven’t seen all the editions which you refer to.  I have a 1917 copy from George H. Doran and it seems to be the same page count as the Yesterday’s Classics with the same cover illustration. 

    If you have a question, the smaller publishers will usually answer them by phone or email.  We try to support the smaller publishers when we are able or the homeschool businesses on auction sites/forums.  If you go through Amazon (or the larger sites) you can click through from HSLDA ‘clicks for homeschooling’ and the Home School Foundation will receive a commission. 

    Our family has really enjoyed H.E. Marshall’s ‘Our Island Story’ and we’re looking forward to TCoO.  Hope you like it too!




    Thanks, Richele,

    All those editions are just found at Amazon, I haven’t physically seen them either (except the one I ordered and am returning lol!)

    I’ve decided to order Yesterday Classic’s version.  Isn’t it nice that companies like HSLDA can get a commission when we order easily from Amazon?!

    I’m looking forward to reading TCOO this year too. Even my DH is interested in it, he loves history.  I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.

    Blessings, Mar

    P.S. Did you know you can download the MP3 files of TCOO and put them on cd? I thought this would be a great option once in awhile…M


    I had the Yesterday’s Classics edition as well as the audio editions from both librivox and Alcazar Audioworks and my dd 8 hated this book! Though, I liked this version’s layout. TCOO has looong chapters that are interesting enough to me as I read to myself, but put me to sleep as I read them aloud.

    She greatly prefers the Mara Pratt books and while they don’t have the longevity of TCOO, I chose them instead of having her dread American history readings. Our American history has been much more enjoyable since I made the change. These are also available from librivox or Jim Hodges audio.

    Just my 2 cents – I realized that I had to choose what works for my family and that some “must reads” that are on even CM book lists might not make the cut. Give TCOO a try, and if it works – great, but don’t be afraid of trying something different if it doesn’t work out.



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