History guide for Modern Age – too confusing?

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    I have been really tempted to puchase the History, Geography Bible guide for Modern Times to use with my 8 year old.  We are not from the US but would love to do some American history (there are so many great books on the topics) but also want to do world history as it is more relevant to us. But is doing 2 days US history and then 2 days world history confusing to a younger student? Has anyone done just US history and then go back and do just world history using the guide? Or does that not work well? Would really love to hear of peoples experiences with this particular edition, or any of the others SCM has to offer.


    Just almost finished a school year with my 7th grader using the Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation study handbook. We have done US History and World History together, with the suggested 2 days per week on both. So far this has worked for us, however, I would suggest that if your student is overloaded by the reading, you could just cover the basics of US & World History if needed.

    When our schedules got a bit overwhelming for the last term, we did use this Kindle book as an additional resource: “A Simple History Guide to WWI” by Daniel Turner (https://www.amazon.com/Simple-History-simple-guide-World/dp/1494356120)

    (This publisher also has paperback and Kindle books for WWII, etc.)

    We also have used and love the SCM Narration Notecards (https://simplycharlottemason.com/store/narration-notecards/) They are easy to print out and use.

    Overall we found that covering US and World History important – but as always, feel free to innovate and tweak the curriculum to fit your student and lifestyle! 🙂


    My kids have never had a problem following along doing American History two day and World History two day. As young as 1st grade. I don’t remember ever doing it this way growing up, but now I really like it! It really helps tie world events to American events.

    With an 8 year old you would still be in family books and 1-3rd books, and it really is not a lot of reading per day. I really like the book selections suggested through SCM history guides.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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