History commentaries?

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    Hello, I am new here to the site and have been reading it top to bottom the past few months. One thing I can’t figure out on the history modules is where are the commentaries on the SCM site that I am reading about? I just rec’d my Truthquest guide and am not sure if it is too much for me to take on or not. I have used both Beautiful Feet and Greenleaf’s guides in the past, but found this site a few months back and love the guidance and direction SCM offers longterm, so would like to give it a try. So, all that to say, I’m trying to work out in my head a few things:

    1) I understand that the order of the suggested books are chronological, but is there commentary to go along with the time period? Or would I need to get that from a “spine” (new terminology) book?

    2) What kind of “relaxed” time frame are we looking at when doing the modules? Middle Ages = 1 semester? There seems SO MUCH to cover during this time, even more so than the others that it’s a bit overwhelming.

    I plan on including, for the first time, my other 2 children (7dd, 4ds) with my 13dd in our history studies on a light basis and am really looking forward to having little knights, squires, and damsels running around the house! 😀

    Thanks for any direction you can give,


    No advice since I am so new myself and mine are so young but had to say what a fun sounding learning time that lays ahead! We personally have no timeline as far as how long we will stay on one subject, however long he will stick with it. I don’t know if this helps you at all but I LOVE what my friend does, they get a roll of paper and hang it on the wall, and make it a time line. From there they branch out and follow the kids leads. I know about 9 centuries seems like ALOT to cover in a semester but it can be done, heck I think we had a week of it in HS! You will always go back to it so don’t think this is the ONLY chance you have at it! 🙂 Split it up in to centuries, then into the major events. Maybe that can make it more tangiable.

    HTH, I am very new to this as I said, so looking for ideas too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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