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    Hi I am new to Cm and I am really looking forward to getting started this school year. I have a 1st grader and a 3rd grader. I have been using BJU the last 3 years. We are burned out on the seat work!! I am having difficulty deciding where to start in the History modules. My 3rd grader really enjoys history and I would like to see him get through all the modules but I don’t know what one to start with. I like the idea of chronilogical order from module 1 but last year my 3rd grader studied the begining of the Revolutionary War and Declaration of Ind. SO I need help what should I do? I live in MN and I have to teach American History. The kids have standerized testing each year and American History is on the testing. So how do I get the beefit of all the modules and not feel like I’m going backwards with my 3rd grader.



    I have a 3rd grader and a Kindergartner. I teach both world and American history at the same time.

    We began at the beginning with both when my dd was in 1st grade. We’ve just started our year and right now, we are studying SCM Module 3 (ancient Rome) and are in book 3 of Mara Pratt’s American History Stories. This will allow me to have her cycle through all the history modules 2 times. My younger kids jump in wherever she is and go chronologically from there. So my 5 yo is just starting, but he will still get 2 cycles of modules 1 and 2, just a bit later. 

    Many of us teach both at the same time, using a timeline or BOC or something makes it easy to keep track with all of the wheres and whens. My dd has never had difficulty with keeping the 2 distinct in her mind.

    Hope that helps.


    I am a Minnesotan too! Although we are on a military base in AL right now. We have a farm in the SW corner. Anyhoo, I totally agree with missceegee. We do both world and American and no one seems to mind here. The Mara Pratt books are excellent for your children’s ages and would make great read alouds. My third grader is reading through the first book in the series. You can get all four books through Amazon very cheaply (four for three promotion). Also, Jim Hodges has an mp3 that covers all four as well.  I would just pick a SCM module that looks good and throw on a small chunk from an American history book each day.


    Thanks so much for the replys. So basicaly maybe go with the module 3 and insert 1st grade reader suggestions? Because at 6th grade they do all the moduels over but just at a different level..correct? Will the Modulel suggest when to start each reader for 1st and 3rd grades? Also I assume that you all do the Geography and Bible that is suggested on SCM too? I know I’m asking alot of questions but I have felt at times a bit overwhelmed with CM. I am going to purchase the 4DVD seminar and planner. Thinking that this will help me get organized in my thouht process and also help to get a more stable grip on the CM teachings. I have been in a routine of the “traditional” schoolroom method and I have gotten away from one reason why we originaly decided to Homeschool. I also have a good friend whom is looking at this web site. She has a 7year old with Down Syndrome and is looking for a more effective way then the “traditiona” school approach.  Caroline4kids where in MN are you from? We are way up north in a small town, Talmoon. Next biggest town is Grand Rapids about 40 miles south. I learned about CM at the MACHE Homeschool Conference and CM has brought out where my heart really is in teaching and training my children.


    I love northern MN!  We always vacationed up there, but I have actually lived in the Twin Cities (suburb of Champlain), Austin by Rochester, and our farm (my husband’s grandfather’s homestead) is by Walnut Grove in the SW part of the state.

    I think any of Sonya’s seminars would be an excellent way to get in the groove with CM.  It is so very enjoyable for the teacher as well as the students. I asked my 11 year old today  if he had children of his own and homeschooled them if he would use the CM method.  He said he would because none of his friends get to learn by stories and that that is the best way to learn. 🙂

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