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    I am wondering if anyone has their high schooler do the SCM guides independently. This is not my ideal scenario, but this year my 10th grade ds wanted to be on his own. I went with a more text booky approach since he just wanted to go for it. It has been fine, but it put him on a different history cycle than his siblings. I cannot think of a way to get us back together without getting my youngers off track, and honestly the separation has brought some peace to our school day. I am thinking of going more CM for next year. So my question is how to have him use the guide without the family portion. He is not an avid reader and I cannot envision him being able to do all of the family reads and the 10-12 selections. Would just the independent reading assignments be enough? He would be in the Middle Ages Guide. Are the Famous Men books enough to make up the spine? Also if I combined the Rome and Middle Ages guide for him could I count some of the books toward literature. It seems like it would be enough reading.




    Maybe looking at a Beautiful Feet sample will give you some ideas, since their guides are separated by age more.


    As my kids have gotten older they wanted to branch out a little. So the last two year my oldest has done History independently using Generations history curriculium for history, then I take the grade level independent history books for SCM guide that we are doing with the youngest and select some of those for literature selection for the year for my older student. She did not read them all, about 8o% of the SCM history guide suggest books for 7-9th grade. It gives the independence she wanted along side keeping us together and having topics in common with tying literature into the family cycle.

    So I say go for it. If you already have the SCM books you don’t have to purchase new books if what you have will work. I did that time period 2 years ago, but if I remember correctly there were not a lot of family reading sections, many were individual reading options. I would think that the individual selections would be sufficient for history.

    You can always pull books from other time periods for literature, but I would not plan on doing them all.


    Good morning!

    My twin daughters beginning 9th grade next fall will be completely independent other than math help (done completely by my husband) and a Nature Sketching/Journaling class we are doing together (video and outside opportunities). They will be doing all of the history reading selections independently.

    That said, they are avid readers; have each read 70-80 already books this year (since Jan. 2020). My reading to them at this point truly slows them down. Since I do enjoy doing something alongside them, I have planned the Nature Sketching/Journaling course.

    Just in case you are feeling guilty…I think it is better if they are as independent as possible by high school. It makes them more accountable. If they were in regular school they would be working independently. I worked beside my oldest far too long, and she didn’t do as well as my younger 4 children have done in any area of life.


    The Middle Ages guide is perfect to do independently. I would do both the family readings and the older kids readings. The schedule is two days a week of family reading and two days a week of independent reading for the spines. Then there’s an additional book to be read every day. This is the one guide that is balanced so nicely this way.  I plan to have my ds do it independently when we get there again.

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