High School Math…. moving from LOF

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    Geometry to possibly MUS geometry.  We have done both Algebra books in LOF and my son did ok but the LOF Geometry and all the heavy proofs is proving to be just too much… I am thinking we need to change now but I am nervous about the transition.  I think my son has a good grasp on math/algebra but he is by no means a math whiz.

    I gave him the placement test for MUS algebra I. He needs to pass this to be able to move into MUS Geometry.  He looked at it and said he probably  needs some reviewing.  I hope LOF has given him what he needs and we aren’t looking at retaking Algebra….

    thoughts, experiences…. suggestions on other curriculums to look at?




    Our experience with LOF for pre-algebra and algebra was a negative one. We switched from MUS in Epsilon, and did LOF for fractions, decimals and on up to algebra. I was so excited and thought it was really working. Until my husband began checking with my son on some math issues. Then we realize he hadn’t retained anything. This may have nothing to do with LOF, but I think I would have caught it earlier had we been using a more traditional program.

    We’ve had to redo pre-algebra and algebra completely using Saxon. And now his confidence has taken such a huge hit that he thinks he’s dumb. Sigh.

    Just really take a look at what’s available and what your goals are. There has to be something out there for you. 🙂


    I haven’t found very many highschool math options that we can live with.  Math U See is the best so far.  I am going to have my younger children do Patty Paper Geometry before MUS geometry to prepare them.

    For algebra for my younger children,  I am going to try a combination of Make Math Meaningful, Lial’s Algebra,  and MUS.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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