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    I am looking for specific recommendation for a chemistry course for my daughter.  She is “currently” interested in a Vet Technician career, although that may change.  She also likes the health field.  However, she has some challenges as a elementary student is is just now doing Geometry, after finishing Algebra 1 at the end of September.  She is technically a Junior.


    We started the year with Apologia Chemistry, 3rd Edition and she got caught up and very frustrated with the FIRST chapter!!!  The significant figures threw her for a loop and she just got too frustrated to want to go on.  So we have been using Conceptual Chemistry, the newest edition with the online self study option.  She is doing Ok. I think, chapter 2 test coming up. BUT in the back of my mind, I keep thinking this is not “REAL” chemistry and wonder if the community college will accept it.  I guess I could call but again, she may not even do Vet Tech and may wind up at a 4 year college!!


    Any advice???  Is Conceptual Chemistry accept as REAL chemistry??  Would I be better going back to Apologia or finding something else?  Maybe wait until her Senior year for chemistry-yet that would really affect her self esteem, I think.


    Thanks for any advice!!



    Karen Smith

    I am not familiar with Conceptual Chemistry so I will not comment on that. However, if you determine that it is not enough, you might try Dr. Wile’s new high school chemistry course, Discovering Design with Chemistry, which is what we recommend on the curriculum guide now. We changed our recommendation when we learned that there were many problems with the 3rd edition of Apologia’s chemistry course.

    I have read Discovering Design with Chemistry and it is a very thorough chemistry course. It is written directly to the student. Dr. Wile provides plenty of explanation and example problems to help the student understand the concepts. If the student still needs help understanding the material, Dr. Wile is available through email to answer questions.


    I appreciate finding out about this course, Karen.  Our son will take chemistry next year I am looking for alternatives to Apologia.  Thank you for  the suggestion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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