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    Does anyone know of some sort of answer key for the Grammar Land worksheets created by Karen Diamond from ? I am going through the book by M.L. Nesbitt with my dd9. We have been doing the worksheets without to much difficulty up until now. We are finished chapter VII (about the Quarrel between adj. and pronoun) and we are having a hard time understanding the assignment given at the end of the chapter. In particular this part, “And when you come to an adjective-pronoun used with a noun,’…’put a stroke on the line that divides Adjective’s ground from Pronoun’s. That will be like a little man sitting on the wall, with one leg for Pronoun to pull and one for Adjective.”. Has anyone completed this assigment already that would be willing to help shed some light on this for me? Perhaps I am just missing something easily understood, here? I have not been sleeping well for a while and I find myself making many silly mistakes and doing some strange things! I just can’t seem to clear this up for my dd, though! I would like to get through this worksheet today because it has already been a few days since reading the chapter,now.

    Either an example of an already done worksheet or some help understanding the teaching about adj-pronoun would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know why I can’t seem to grasp this!




    I would love to know also, as someone who isn’t great at grammar that would really help me to be sure of my answers.


    Just recently my son watched Grammar School Rock You Tube on adjectives.  It helped him.  I can’t say that it will work for your daughter but it’s worth a try.  🙂


    I haven’t used Grammar Land yet, but I do have the downloads. I read Ch. 7 carefully and this is what I came up with:

    the adjective-pronouns are:

    that boy (or that naughty boy)

    other boys

    my boy or my naughty boy

    my Harry

    his hands

    my mouth

    my hair

    your poor mother

    If that’s not right, I hope others chime in.




    I am bumping this

    I also would love answer sheets as my daughter is listening to this from librivox. I haven’t been reading along and would love the have the answer keys as some days I don’t get to read grammarland.


    Answers would be great! Bump.

    Rachel White

    I’d suggest contacting the lady who did the worksheets originally and ask her if she’s would; perhaps w/a bunch of requests, she’ll get started.

    I use Writer’s Inc. to help me w/Grammar-Land.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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