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    Ok, so I think I’d love Brave Writer for my son. I’ve never really needed this much help in helping one of my kids with writing before. I’m a writer, I love writing, I write for fun, I have a lot to say. . . You get it.

    So I have a son that could possibly have Dysgraphia. I’m not interested in a diagnosis, but he has trouble with the writing. He has no trouble with having things to talk about and has no other language problems. (Math gives him trouble when paper is involved)

    I was reading the Brave Writer website last night, and I think that lady (can’t remember her name) is a genius! What I was wondering was whether to get a whole program or not. I really need order right now and I apparently need to be told what to do. It is amazing how you need different things at different seasons!

    I’m not sure if I see how the whole thing fits together. I was considering the Partnership Writing program with the Arrow subscription. It seems a little pricey–especially for digital books. I really need paper books, so I’d have to print them adding to the cost.

    I’d like to hear from those of you who have used it. What did you like? What didn’t you like? Was it worth your money? It does fit in my budget for the year. So if it’s worth the money, I’d have no problem getting it.

    Thank you, thank you!


    You can buy through homeschool buyer’s co-op at a discount. I bought the ebook in the spring, but haven’t yet printed and implemented. Tristan at uses it. What age/grade is your son? I think the high school book sounds nice and is written to them so it is more independent. But the other books need your help for direction. You may be able to find a used printed book to try it out.


    We love and use BW!  Here is a post I did in February about it.  I’ll try to give you a short “what does what”:

    1. The Writer’s Jungle is the writing handbook for mom.  This immerses you in BW theory and how to coach your child through the writing process.  I love it but it can be overwhelming, it is not a step by step weekly assignments sorta thing. 

    2. Partnership Writing (or Jot it Down for younger) IS the a weekly assignments book for 10 monthly projects.  It has short sections about the Brave Writer Lifestyle too (copywork, poetry teatime, etc) and more is on the website.  So you can totally just get this to start out.  You do not have to do the 10 projects in order.  We actually just pick and choose from here and other places, including my own head.

    3. The Arrow (and similar products) focuses on using a literature book as the theme and pulls out copywork and writing mechanics type lessons.  (I do NOT use these at this time.  We do tons of reading aloud and tend to address their writing mechanics in their own personal writing.) 

    There are samples to download of everything (last I checked there is an entire Arrow so you can see what they are really like). 

    I have purchase ebook versions and like them, but would really love to have The Writer’s Jungle in a bound book (Not a 3 ring binder, I did print it and put in a binder, but it’s not ideal for me.) I read them on the computer, on the Kindle Fire, and I will print out a page here and there of Jot it Down or Partnership Writing if we’re working on a monthly project and I want to.   Here is a post I wrote in May that shows a better idea of our process and how our writing lessons tend to ripple out and how I use other products (like a level of Write Shop Jr.) in a Brave Writer way.


    Feel free to ask questions if you have more, I’ll try to check back here later today!


    Thanks Tristan. My son is 11, and he was on medication until a few months ago. He’s ready to go now, so I’ have some more thinking to do.

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