HELP! Found newborn mouse, kids trying to save it.


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    Alright nature friends….This is a nature study question alright! The kids found the cutest baby mouse and it’s eyes aren’t even open. What can we do to keep it alive? What would you do? We tried to feed it almond milk w a little dropper. But I don’t think it’s working. It also has little brownish bugs on it. I am not even much of an animal person but I hate to see it suffer. Thanks.



    If it’s still alive in the morning you could call a pet shop and see if they have any nursing mama mice they’d be willing to put it in with. I did that once with a litter of orphaned gerbils.

    But if it’s got bugs on it it’s prob already unhealthy and isn’t going to make it.


    We found a baby squirrel one time and we were told to feed it baby food.  So like the baby food rice cereal kind.  You could give that a try.  It could also be that the mother abandoned it because it was sick….just a thought?



    Thanks Everyone. We are just gonna let it go. It has a lot of bugs. Thanks for your suggestions. Poor little thing…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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