Help an old homeschooling mom? Top 3 Living Books for Core Subjects?

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    If you had to list your top 3 resources for each subject what would they be? Not spines or textbooks but living books or other materials that really taught your children effectively on these subjects. The resources you recommend most often because you know that  they are awesome.

    Math, English, American History, World History, Science, Foreign Language

    I’m working on a masters in library science and doing a project on collection development for homeschooling families in the public library. Your help would be so wonderfully appreciated. I loved SCM so much for so many years. My youngest will graduate this year so my time homeschooling has all but come to an end. Maybe through librarianship I can continue to support it.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


    That’s a difficult question.

    Math- Sonlight Mathtacular DVDs

    English- English handbook from the publisher you are using or your favorite, such as Rod and Staff’s English Handbook. Also, Five in a Row and SCM titles.

    American History- The Light and the Glory and the 2 kids versions, Liberty’s Kids dvds, YWAM biographies,

    World History- Stories of the World from SCM.  Louise Vernon books, The Chestry Oak, YWAM biographies,

    Science- Thornton Burgess books, James Herriot books, Masterbooks World of Animals and World of Science,

    Foreign Language- dictionaries in chosen language, online resources with video or audio.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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