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  • Michelle Anglin

    What do you all use for health… MUST be a CM-type..please. 

    Thanks in advance!Laughing


    Rachel White

    What would you consider to constitute a health course? I think the definition may be different for different people.


    We’ve used Total Health, which is a textbook, but written in a conversational tone.  Our dd really enjoyed it.  You can view it here….


    Blessings, Melissa



    We use Wii Fit, Wii Zumba, and Wii Just Dance for our activities especially in the summers here in Texas. When the weather is perfect, they run around outside or we go for walks. The kids help us cook so we go over basic nutrition and how to look at labels. We go over basic first aid when kids need me as a nurse or we see someone injured as well as just every talk about health.

    I am currently trying to lose weight so it is a main topic just about every day around here. No curriculum or books, just regular common sense Laughing

    Now, for the “growing up” changes we found a Christian book for my son and one for my daughter when she is ready that helps cover things from a Godly perspective. The book is a series based on age so it is appropriate to the age-related content. This way you are not talking about things they are not yet experiencing or ready to hear. I have yet to look at our library for that information, but I am sure it is there.

    Not sure if that is what you were looking for, but I hope it helps in some way. God bless!!


    Hi Michelle Smile

    If you are interested in “whole foods”, Real Food Nutrition & Health is definitely worth checking out. It’s written for ages 12 and up by a fellow CM homeschooling mom!  You can scroll to the bottom of the linked page to read a sample chapter- not all of the chapters are quite as “deep”, but it still gives you a good overall feel. I plan to reword/ leave out a bit here or there and use for my younger elementary children in a few years, but she does offer another book (including copywork and activities but far less content) geared toward elementary ages. 

    Also wanted to mention that with my ds11, we’re going through Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology and counting that as health rather than science-stretching it out over several years.  We also have a fun anatomy game called Somebody, which we really need to get out and play more often!

    Blessings! Leah

    Michele Barmore


    We actually used the above mentioned – Real Food Nutrition For Kids— by Kristen Michaelis.

    It has copywork and coloring pages. Mine was a PDF download — and I printed off one for each child and bound it. Even the older kids read through it as a refresher course.

    We enjoyed it– very CM. The littles learned alot.

    It follows along the same lines as ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon.

    Another highly recommended one.


    Wardeh on GNOWFGLINS did a webinar several months ago on how homeschooling families can teach their children about traditional foods. Here is a link:

    The webinar cannot be accessed right now, but I have emailed Wardeh several times after I missed something and she has always sent me a link. You may, however, be able to access this webinar through an $8/month GNOWFGLINS membership. I am considering a membership solely for the purpose of having unlimited access to all the webinars, as I think they are useful for me as well as teaching different concepts in our school.

    R7blessings, I am going to look into Real Food Nutrition for Kids. I think that, along with GNOWFGLINS webinars, would make a very complete and comprehensive nutrition course for years to come!



    danceandbeglad, I tried clicking on your link and it’s not working for me. Upon doing a Google search, I am not finding the resource there either. Many websites and blogs mention this resource, but it seems to be a class that was offered a while back and is no longer available. It says there’s a textbook that goes with it, but I am not finding a working link for that either.  Can you advise me?




    Hi Lindsey,

    Nice to meet another CM’er who’s also a “real food” advocate! 

    I don’t know much about the e-course Kristen offers at Food Renegade, but both books are available to sample/purchase.  The link I posted takes you to a page where you can view a sample chapter of the Real Food and Nutrition text (12 and up) by clicking a link right underneath the subtitle “Don’t Believe Me?” about 3/4 of the way down the page.  From her main site ( you click the top right corner advertisement for the Nutrition books, then click ages 12 and up from the menu bar, and it will take you to the same page.  If you click on the ages 6-11 tab, it asks you to “sign up” by submitting your email-if you do this you will be emailed a direct link which contains a sample .pdf file of both texts.  If you can’t get it feel free to PM me and we’ll get cha fixed up Wink



    So weird. The first time I clicked on it, it wouldn’t work at all. Now, it’s working just fine! 

    I sampled the book for kids ages 6-11, and I think we have found our science course for next year! I was leaning toward Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, but I am so passionate about food that I think this will be fun for the kids AND me! And we can still do Apologia after we finish this nutrition course. We are only going to get the pdf book, and not worry about the e-course now, since it’s recommended for kids 12 and over. Maybe we’ll revisit that in a few years. 

    I’m so glad this discussion was posted!


    We are going to try Vintage Remedies book for kids :

    I emailed her and she said the tweens book is the boy and girl book combined.  They have copies available even though it still says pre-order.  I am currently doing a whole foods course with her.

    Hope that helps


    R7blessings, can you  share your experience with this resource? I showed it to my hubby last night, and he thinks it’s going to be great to use for science/health next year. I’m so excited! This is something I’m passionate about, so I feel I will pass the excitement on to the children. 

    I was thinking of taking 2 weeks for each lesson, so that it lasts us 30 weeks. Have you found any books that go well with the lessons that I might be able to buy or get from the library? I am going to buy just the $19.95 pdf for ages 6-11, so I will be saving a substantial amount over what I normally pay for Apologia resources. I will have a little extra to get some supplementary books/activities, if you have any to recommend.



    Michele Barmore

    My kids just read living books that seemed to go along with each chapter.


    Chapter 1 covers digestion.

    So they went to our bookshelves and found some books that covered digestion.

    They would narrate.

    We would discuss.

    This is the way we try to eat and cook— so it is nothing new— it was really nice for me though—- I am always preaching to them how to eat this and that—- now they were getting the same info from someone else.

    It always seems better coming from someone else — ; )

    I try to make health and nutrition a natural part of everyday life. Instead of a special topic.

    I always have them read food labels, ect.

    Help me grocery shop. What to look for, what to stay away from.


    Wondering if this could make a good class in our CM co-op. Thoughts?

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