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    I have been trying to find a good approach to teaching “health” for my Gr1 and Gr4 children to meet provincial learning outcomes (PLO’s urrrrg). Does anyone have good suggestions for helpful books and ideas they have found worked well. I find this a difficult subject to fill in some kind of “report” with. Or maybe I have just been working on my planning for too many days in a row and have a mushy brain!


    topics for  my G4 this year are:

    -steps in decision  making, attribute inventory, importance of effective work habits, choices for emotional & physical health, healthy eating, changes of puberty, communicable/non-communicable diseases, interpersonal skills in relationships, strategies to responding to bullying, lures & tricks of potential abusers (incl. on the internet), abuse avoidance startegies, potential for injury in a range of settings, negative effects of abusing tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, strategies for preventing substance misuse.

    sigh. How do I address these in a gentle manor?


    I have no idea what your PLOs expect you to cover, but here are some books you may or may not have thought of for a study of nutrition:

    Bread and Jam for Frances

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    Gregory the Terrible Eater


    Tania there are quite a few good health books out there that you can incorporate. For sex ed etc I loved Susies Babies which tells the story of reproduction through the lives of a pair of hamsters in a public school classroom- pretty funny especially since the book is very CM in style. Oldy but a goody. For the rest I use a book called Total Health which I use mostly as a guide for me for discussion starters and it covers almost all of the areas you mention above. I think the author is Boe. When I was submitting for PLO’s in grade 3-6 I just wrote what we chatted about, listed sites we visited online, and the OLT just said the outcomes were all met through verbal discussion and answer and it was fine.  I remember one fun activity we did for healthy eating was empty the fridge! I marked out with tape on the table space for all the 4 food groups, and the counter was for the empty or junk foods and we emptied the fridge putting the stuff in it into the correct places on the table. It was quite revealing at the time, lol. We also did the cupboard where the snacks and crackers are kept and you could really see our eating habits and how, um, not healthy there were:)



    Your local county health dept and local county extension office may be sources for free materials on a lot of the subjects you listed.  The pamphlets and tear sheets would be good for short lessons.  And a field trip to the extension office is always fun, I think.  Although my state has all their materials online and most for a free download so that is even easier.

    Just a thought!  Good luck!

    We use this series from 4H, but you do not have to be in a 4H club to order their materials.  Inexpensive and project/sevice oriented rather than workbook type of activities.

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