Handwriting Alongside Delightful Reading 2

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    My DD (5.5 year old) is ready to start Delightful Reading 2.  She is also ready for Delightful Handwriting for we’ve been working on writing her letters.  But I see that DH works alongside DR 3.

    Can someone recommend to me a CM friendly handwriting book DD could do to practice her handwriting that could work alongside DR 2?

    Thank you!  🙂

    Karen Smith

    The reason that Delightful Handwriting is scheduled alongside Delightful Reading, Level 3: From Words to Books is because a child should be able to read what she is copying, otherwise she is just drawing. Copywork is an important step in spelling, teaching the child to notice how words are spelled. If your daughter can read what she is copying in Delightful Handwriting, then go ahead and use it. If she can’t, then have her continue to practice writing her letters and a few words from her reading lessons.


    Makes perfect sense!  Thank you!

    She can write her letters neatly and write her name well, but yes, we haven’t  covered enough yet where she can identify a word, only the sounds of the letters to start reading from what we covered in DR1.  As she goes through DR2, and we make our word lists in her Word’s I Can Build book, I can make copywork pages from that then.  Easy peasy!

    Thank you again!  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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