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    I am trying to plan out a few more handicraft and hands on things for the next semester.  Can anyone suggest books or guides they have enjoyed for handicrafts or science or anything else?

    I really liked what I read about – Woodshop 101 by Craig Stevens and I love the Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas too.


    Some of the Klutz books are great for hands on activities, just search Klutz on amazon and it will bring up a lot of different ones including a quilting one, paper quilling, paper dolls, and more.


    I’ve seen those.  Thanks Tristan. 

    What does everyone think on books like “Civil War with 21 Activities” if not so much for the content as the projects that may relate to what we’re reading in a CM book?  I like to pull what we’ve read in to a hands on medium if possible.  It makes for a fun and interesting looking house and the kids really like it too.  I’ve noticed they begin a lot of strong discussion and share insights about whatever the topic may be when we’re doing these activities. 



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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