Habit Training and ADHD

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    What advice do you think Charlotte would have for parents of ADHD kids?

    How do you adapt her methods to there special needs? I need some tips for making habit training more effective for a child with ADHD, obedience and Attention is tough for my daughter. Thanks in advance… we need all the help we can get !


    Hello. We dont have an official ADHS diagnosis over here, but I am pretty certain my oldest, now 17, would have been diagnosed if I had asked for an evaluation (his kindergarten public school teacher was certainly convinced). Anyway I don’t think CM methods require any adaptation. Charlotte was very much about meeting a child where they are. Keep the lessons short enough so that attention and best effort can be maintained. If that means copy work for one minute, or thirty seconds, so be it. Next month shoot for thirty- five seconds. If a reading can be just three or five minutes, that is fine. Just build slowly. She changed up lessons daily so that is certainly ADHD friendly. You can make a point to put wiggly lessons between focus lessons. Jumping jack math facts, handicrafts, music lessons. You can dance when listening to classical music. I think her ways are perfect for kids with learning challenges. I did not discover CM until my oldest was in about 5th grade so I think he really missed out. Good luck, cant wait to see the responses you get from moms with more experience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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