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    Hey, I just went back to some things that were writen about grammer and I think I just found my answer to the question I was going to pose. But I think I still will for it is 2 parted:

    1. I am going to use Language lessons and from going back and reading many posted notes see that not everyone does these books word for word. That said does it matter if you do or can you skim and skip what they already understand fully and go on?

    2. I know that my boys are still needing to focus in other areas and was thinking next year to do grammer in 2nd & 4th quarter and omit the other things I would work on in 1st & 3rd quarter. Do you feel this would work with this program with out compromising anything?

    Thank you as always for all your wisdom and just pure insight.

    God Bless,




    I have no experience with this particular program, but it seems that if your children already understand a concept, it’s okay to skip it. The only hindrance I have found through the years in doing this is that if an author has a certain methodology to their teaching, sometimes my children can become confused even when they really do understand a concept; they were just introduced to it in a different way. To that end, a quick overview can sometimes be helpful just to keep the author’s flow going. Perhaps you can look over what you think they should skip and then “narrate” it back to them (or vice-verse!)

    I hope this did not confuse you more!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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