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    While we’re talking mixers—I have a grain mill problem.  In January I managed to kill my Whispermill (analogous to today’s Wondermill) and although it had a lifetime warranty, the company went out of business and the new company will repair the machine but at a cost which might be significant including shipping.  A friend of mine found an Amish store with several Nutrimills for a really, really good price.  Does anyone else have a Nutrimill?  Do you like it?  How much milling will kill it?  LOL  I used to use my mill a LOT and we are having a miserable time trying to keep up  with a hand mill even with three strong sons at home. 

    I feel your pain Michelle, I like my handmill, but I don’t have to grind as much as you and me and the girls get what we need without killing ourselves…however if I really get into it I may have to get an electric. I am getting some nice muscles from the hand grinding though…..


    I have used my Nutrimill every day since it was purchased eight months ago and have not had a problem. We mainly mill oat groats, wheatberries, popcorn, buckwheat, quinoa, and brown rice.

    I highly recommend the Nutrimill Grain Mill and purchased mine from

    Cynthia Corbin

    I have owned both. There are pros and cons to each. For me the biggest pro of the Nutrimill is that you can pour the grain in before you turn it on. That was a concern for me since my kids are starting to use it. The biggest pro of the Whisper Mill is that it is less noisy. I’ve found the WM runs at a lower pitch than the NM. If I could fuse the 2 together, I’d have the perfect mill. Wink

    Performance wise, they seem to be comparable. I don’t have a guage regarding how much milling will kill it. Haven’t had the NM very long and my WM still works fine.



    I have NO idea what happened to my Whisper Mill.  We used it heavily for years then one day, in the middle of grinding, it suddenly stopped and started smoking.  My grain is very clean and even so I glance over it, I don’t think anything got by me, sigh.  Hope the Nutrimill can hold up to our heavy household use.  Noise doesn’t bother me, the WhisperMill was by NO means quiet.  I have three boys, I don’t know from quiet.  LOL


    I’ve had both.  I like the Whispermill better – it’s easier to clean.  The Nutrimill holds more.  My Nutrimill was super slow, really, really slow.  I called about it and they said it shouldn’t be that slow but no matter how I adjusted it, it was.  My friend bought a Nutrimill and it was slow too.  My Whispermill (Wondermill, whatever) is done within 2 minutes or so.  Either of them will work fine and really I think it just comes down to price and a few very persnickety personal preferences.


    I just got my new WhisperMill and love it. I think that for my gluten free diet, it could grind more gluten free grains and seeds – mainly beans – than the Nutrimill, which was why I bought it. 

    Funny story – You do have to turn it on first before putting the grain in it – the second time I used it I just dumped in the rice…ACKK!  I held it upside down and tried to empty all my rice before I turned it on – still upside down which of course blew flour all over…  I had a heart attack that I might have killed an expensive machine so quick!  lol  

    It is noisy when first turned on, but quiets down when the grain is added.  I ground 4 pounds of rice in about 4 minutes, which is awesome – and a little disappointing since I can’t play with my new toy very long. =)

    My mom has both WM and NM and says that they are comparable for the wheat and other non-oily things she grinds.


    I have a nutrimill and have used it roughly once weekly for almost 2 years.  It is very low maintenance and except for being noisy it has been a pleasing investment in our family!  It is supposedly the “world’s coolest running impact mill“, which means the nutrients in your grains are protected.  Here is a link to a company which sells both mills you mentioned and offers a balanced comparison.  I would say though, that if you grind alot of grain and can get a really good deal on a Nutrimill to GO FOR IT! Smile


    Ok this is great! My questions is has anyone had experience with The Kitchen Mill? This is the one I keep borrowing from our friends and it works good. But you can not do this in the house as it does make a bit of a mess and it’s louder (but noise bothers me so maybe it’s really not so bad). My thought is though that it’s really old and maybe their newer versions are better? Just wondering if anyone had experience with this grain mill?


    The Nutrimill is great.  We use it regularly for our family of eleven. Although I do buy some bread when feeling lazy, we mostly make our own.   We’ve had the grain mill for years now and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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