Graduating Credits?

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    How many credits are needed in general for graduating?  I am very confused.  I thought it was like 22-30 depending on if you are doing just general high school to a rigorous college prep.  Then I opened my local high school registration guide to get a feel for what the ‘local’s are doing and it says : Required 50 credits, elective 24 credits, a minimum of 74 credits.  Mind you this is not the most scholarly school so it’s not like these are above average kids (just saying).

    So now I am very confused.  That seems very high to me?  Maybe they figure credits different than me?

    My thought was about 160-180 hrs is 1 credit and so forth.

    Also, what is best figuring in terms or quarters?  We’ve always done quarters is that ok?


    Ok so I’m just slow.. finally after reading and re-reading through this school registration packet at the very end it gives details about how the credits are assigned.  They are breaking it down into terms.  So if you take Algebra 1 for a year (which you have to) you earn 3 credits, which I am assigning 1 credit.

    So it still leaves me saying how do you all do it?


    Where I went to school, a one-year course was 1 credit, generally 120-180 hours.  I was required to have 20 to graduate, but closer to 25 would be considered college prep.

    That is still how credits are calculated here, as far as I can tell.


    Many different schools calculate credits in a wide  variety of ways.  Exactly how you do it matters less than explaining how, and being consistent.  I think the simplest is the typical one-credit is one full year class.  In which case 24-30 would be pretty typical.


    I just looked into this.  Our state has a list of credits (on their website).  I found a typical college prep list of credits on the website.  The college one was slightly more than our state’s requirements, so I’ll probably follow it more closely.  I think our state required 2o or so credits.


    My high school gave 2 credits for each full-year course and required 48 credits for graduation, but I’ve decided to go with the more standard 1 credit for each full-year course. Though the local school only requires 20 credits for graduation, 24 is standard for college prep and I expect that my kids will have 24-26.


    24 credits for graduation are the standard here. I think 7 of those are electives.

    I designed courses that I considered comparable to a traditional high school course and completing that earned a credit for my student. For other courses we used traditional textbooks and completion of that textbook earned an appropriate credit. Math U See and Apologia were some of the resources we used that equaled a credit per textbook completed.

    I didn’t do hours. It didn’t seem like a good way to go IMO. Public and private schools don’t count hours. I guess I would rather take a textbook and design a course that was comparable and grant a credit based on completion of that course than try to track every minute my child spent on a subject. I also don’t feel it’s quite fair. If a student is able to do the same amount of work in a shorter amount of time, they shouldn’t be penalized by being assigned more work to meet the required number of hours. I also think that a lot of time is wasted in public and private school so I don’t think they are really spending that many hours on each subject.

    In the Living and Learning DVDS’s Sonya says that a credit usually consists of 120-180 hours-closer to 120 for electives and closer to the higher end for typical courses.


    @Melanie32, I agree with your thoughts on counting hours in general.  I’d only add that maybe in courses where there are multiple texts being used in part it may make more sense to simply keep track of hours spent in study of that subject rather than trying to allot each book a percentage or something along those lines.  I’m thinking of my daughter’s French curriculum … various texts and activities that equate better to hours than texts finished.

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