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    I need help with grading my high schoolers English class. I am trying to stick to a CM language arts style, but grading is really throwing me through a loop on this. I have the SCM High School handbook which helps a lot with grading, but English is still perplexing me. How do you all grade CM English? Here are the resources I am using and my plans so far, maybe you can give me some tips.

    SW/ULW – no idea how to grade. We work the grammar together, she does quite well on the dictation. I dont want to count words in passage and words correct to get a “grade,” though I guess I could.

    Narrations – 2x per week, building to 4x. Using ULW rubrics to grade, using narrations for history/lit grade as well.

    Composition Lessons – 1x per week, Roar on the Other Side.  How do you evaluate a students poetry? Participation? Completed assignments? Followed directions?

    Literature – with family

    Any ideas for grades? My PSP requires I spell out how I arrive at my grade. It has to look something like:

    25% participation

    25% daily work

    50% written assignments

    I feel like with the resources I am using a kid could only get an A. How can she fail? But then I feel guilty because I have no objective way to grade. Any ideas?



    I’m bumping this up because I too am trying to navigate the whole grading thing now that I have my first high schooler this year. In addition to all of what Crystal asked, how do you all keep grades for, well, everything else? 🙂


    I went to a highschool seminar put on by HSLDA and she gave some great insight. This gives some basics for grading highschool

    For subjective classes that don’t have a set test like a math test, one of the best ways is to have a grading rubric. You pull together the curriculium, decide on the goal of the class (what you hope to see learn/accomplished), then decide on how it will be graded using a rubric.

    My oldest is doing an IEW video based writing program this year and it relies heavily on rubric grading. It helps remind her of her goals while she writes and as I grade her work it reminds me of the goals and what I am looking for, not getting caught up in what has not been taught and grading on what the goals are.

    HSLDA has a fantastic highschool department! She explained it as they are like guidance counselors for the parents as the parents help guide their children. They have helped with so many students and their families over the years from what to name a subject on a transcript, to how to help your struggling high schooler that is not college bound but wants to finish well, to what to do if a year feels like a total loss because of a natural distaster that uprooted the family. I often refer parents to HSLDA because they have been at this for years and years and work with families all over with every family having different goals, so they have a wide range of experience.


    As for more practical, I would put language arts together in specific groups such as “Englush 1” and “World Literature” poetry might go with literature and writing with English. On a transcript they are grouped, not a line item for every subject component. Once you decide what goes with each subject title create a rubric based on the goals. Daily work adding up to a percentage of the grade while tests or larger project writing for example making up another percentage of the grade.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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