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    After watching the getting started video for Simply CM and giving you the three basic books you will need my questions are:

    1. I will have a 2nd and 3rd grader. Will I be able to use the same Individual Studies for both and how do I determine which grade level to use.

    2. In the video it does not mention anything about Spelling or Writing. Are these covered in the Language Arts books.

    3. Do I need to order separately anything to go along with the Enrichment Studies Vol. 1 and the History/Bible/Geography, such as picture study cards and narration cards?



    Tamara Bell

    Good morning!!

    When you say you’ve watched the getting started video, are you meaning the new series being posted to the blog or perhaps this video?

    I’d suggest downloading the sample of both the Individual Studies grade 2 and 3 to determine if your children place there.  The language arts track is different for both guides.  If your 2nd grader places on track B then you could use Individual Studies grade 3 for both students.  You would simply omit the Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well portion of the schedule for your 2nd grader since those resources are used for 3rd grade on up.

    The Charlotte Mason approach to spelling and writing is very different from the traditional method.  What is needed to be done is in each of the guides and covered with Spelling Wisdom (3rd grade) and then the chosen copy work books (scheduled into the guides).

    You will need to purchase the needed resources for Enrichment and history guides.  Each guide has a tab that says “book list”.  If you click on it you can see what is needed for the guide and where to purchase it.  Those lists are also on the samples.  You are definitely welcome to locate the needed books and resources elsewhere.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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