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    Hi all,

    I have these items for sale (pets in the home, smoke free). Pics of anything are available.

    Shipping is $4 per order.

    SCM Learning and Living the CM Way Video Series (box is a little worn and there are a few erased pencil marks in the workbook) $85

    IEW Student Intensive A and C…like new, Binder and DVD’s $ 75 per set

    Jay Wile Chemistry, never used. Student textbook, answer key/tests $50

    Abeka Chemistry, never used. 3rd Edition; Student textbook, Teacher’s Edition, Student Quizzes and Tests, Quiz Key (Test Key not included) $120

    Notgrass Uncle Sam and You Part 1 and 2, Citizen’s Handbook (I know I have this! Have to locate it lol!), Answer Key, (very good condition), Student Workbook (8 pages done) $75

    Notgrass Government 1st Edition Student text, We Hold These Truths, Quizzes and Key $35

    Notgrass Exploring World History 1st Edition Volumes 1 and 2 $50

    Set of 18 out of print Keepers of the Faith paperback readers/read-alouds on Christian character. (Some titles are Little Fishers and Their Nets, Children of Cloverly, Christie’s Christmas, We Twelve Girls, Helen Lester, etc. Authors include Isabella Alden, A.L.O.E., Hesba Stretton. Many published in the 1800’s). $50 for all

    MUS Alpha DVD and Instruction Manual; Skip Counting CD $30

    Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory , gently used teacher guide $45

    Spelling Power 3rd Edition, Activity Cards (box is broken but cards are there), Quick Start DVD, Blue Student notebook $35

    Saxon Algebra 1 3rd Edition: Student text, Test Forms, Home Study Packet $45 (very worn, but unwritten in)

    All About Reading: Level 1 Teacher Manual, Level 2 Teacher Manual, Level 2 Student Activity Book (first 8 lessons done), cards and box for Levels 1&2, All About Spelling cards and box, All About Learning tote bag $90 (*Please note, cards are not in correct order…so sorry!…and I cannot guarantee that a few aren’t missing. I’m sure I must have the hardcover readers somewhere for Level 1, and maybe the magnet letter tiles but I’ve had spinal surgery complications so searching for books in my attic is challenging because I rely on my kids to look for me! But please let me know if you’re interested in my finding those additional items and pricing the readers as well).

    Abeka Biology 3rd Edition: student textbook, Answer Key to text questions, quiz book (1 page written in), quiz Key, test Key (test book not included) $35

    Saxon Algebra 2 2nd Edition textbook and Solutions Manual $25

    Jensen’s Format Writing DVD (plastic case is a little cracked), and Student Workbook (1st 6 lessons done) $20

    Dyslexia Homeschooling for Boys Library Based Curriculum Workbook (about 3 pgs colored) $20

    Simply Grammar (erased pencil marks in Lessons 1&2) $15

    Story of the World Activity Books 2 and 3 unused $17 each

    Story of the World Volume 1 Book and Audio CD’s $25

    Inquisikids Discover and Do DVD’s Volumes 1 and 2 $20 for both

    Thanks for looking!





    Can you tell me what you thought of the Notgrass Government course?  Is it really textbookish?


    Hi Melissa,

    we’ve really enjoyed the Notgrass books over the years, especially the high school level ones. I think they’re a good combination of an open and go course with original document/literature reading  mixed in. Just a reminder that this is the original edition.

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