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    I came across this free downloadable version (in sections) of the Handbook of Nature Study. Of course, I will probably still buy it since I prefer a real book, but for now…



    It is also availble in one piece on



    I bought it but I’m having a hard time integrating this book into our Nature Study.  How is everyone else doing this?  I get these lovely blogs from the but they overwhelm me a bit.  I’ve done a whopping one section out of the book thus far. 

    Our NS seems to be much, much more organic … here is a perfect example – today on an adventure to a state park with friends we hiked, saw FL’s tallest waterfall and discussed it’s creation, caught fish and looked them over (maybe a little too much), read markers along the way with historical facts, plant history/descriptions, etc. … that is awesome in my book!  Tomorrow we’ll narrate a little more on what we saw and did perhaps comparing it to similar adventures we’ve been taking once a week over the last month, or going into a little more detail on the geography/geology that creates these sinks and underground waterways in FL.

    I’m just lost on how I could have integrated the book into this, or used it to enhance this NS. 


    I know this is a bit late but I will respond anyway. 

    The Handbook for nature study is more of a help.  Use it as a resource for those times when you want more information.  Or for helps on those weeks/months that you hit a dry time (and they will come).  But it is not your master.  It sounds like you are implementing the concepts very nicely.  The idea is to explore and observe and then record.  Sounds like you are doing that all on your own. 

    Keep up the good work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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