Form 2 (gr. 4-6) science

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    I am not totally satisfied with my middle grade science plans. We used Answers in Genesis God’s design for Heaven and Earth The solar system for term 1. My son enjoyed it and i think learned a lot from it, but the writing is alot of dry fast facts. We read it together and then talked about it and have spent alot of time looking at the stars. We both liked the creation focus. The plan was to complete the Heaven and Earth series this year.

    But what about some more conversational science book?  I’ve looked at both Sabboth Mood and Alveary (you can just purchace access to science now). (We’ve done the bird book and he isnt really ready for Jacks Insects). How do you bring in the creationism? Any thoughts?


    Does your son enjoy God’s Design? I think that should be the deciding factor. I agree that those books are a bit dry, but I had a son interested in science and he ate them up. He loved them all and would read them for fun. So if he enjoys them, and it sounds like you are adding lots of fun stuff in to do on the side, then maybe it’s good enough.


    Well,he does seem to enjoy them…  He doesn’t read them on his own, but he reads little on his own but old duck comics.We will keep doing stuff on the side. I also have him reading some nature lore type book from the SCM list. I guess I will probably keep this up till end of tjis year as we already own it.

    I am still interested in Alveary and sabboth mood for 5th grade perhaps though. Does anyone have any thoughts?


    My oldest is in Ambleside’s year 5 and second oldest in year 1. They’re both doing SMH geology together. My year 5 child does all the reading assignments and my year 1 does the observations and journaling but no reading assignments. My girls also like to join. 🙂 They all love it! We had to pack it away as we prepare to sell our house, and my oldest keeps saying “Can we just move so I can do geology again?” Lol! It requires a little prep work for you (reading from HONS and writing down a few questions), but it’s not too overwhelming. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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