Foreign language at the high school level

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    Wow, the price is MUCH better than the other online classes I looked at. Thanks Bookworm, I’m checking into that. Looks like he teaches Russian too, for what it’s worth. No Spanish, but the lady who does the Spanish seems to be well received. 

    I can see what you all mean about learning a language in high school being a good foundation for later gaining true flluency. I think I just needed to readjust my expectations. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts & experiences, everyone. Still deciding exactly what to do but I feel better about pursuing foreign language even though total fluency may not be possible at this point. 🙂


    Misty here is the link to CurrClick Live…



    For live speaking/listening practice, has tutors available via Skype (not sure what the fees are).

    You can also find language partners for free (usually they use Skype) on places like,,, and (I think Shared Talk is hosted by Rosetta Stone).


    Standard disclaimer, you know… obviously with kids you’d want to monitor that somehow, and choose language partners wisely. Smile It sounds creepy to chat with strangers on Skype like this, but in my own personal experience, I find these communities to be truly looking for language exchange/practice with native speakers. (I usually choose fellow moms of little ones as my language partners, just to be extra safe)


    Thought I’d throw those sites out there in case anyone is interested in those resources. I’ve made a couple of “verbal penpals” over the years, which has been fun. But it’s also really helped my Italian skills (I live in a community where there is no Italian community and it’s very difficult to find people to speak with).


    Oh see Mandarin on there.. a teacher chat that might spark something. ?  Also, a Latin one.  any thoughts on that?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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