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    I have the following books for sale. I take PayPal and you can email me at Roslyn J Harris at gmail dot com so spaces or capital letters. Shipping is included in the prices

    Monroe’s Chart Primer and 2nd reader, Grs. K-5 — $10 ppd. Fair. Old phonetic primer and Second reader interesting selections

    Oxford The Romans and The Greeks, Grs. K-8 — $13 ppd. Nice. By Roy Burrell ills Peter Connolly OUP living history texts I will split up for $8.00 each These were used in SCMs old Greece and Rome plans ISBN 0199171629

    Picture geography books series from England I think Grs. K-5 — $20 ppd. Nice. Dawn to Dusk in a ___City. stories of regular kids days in different cities around the world. great for CM elementary geography 8 books a mix of hardcover and paperback $25 ISBN 0711220425

    SCM Jack’s Insects set , Gr. 6 — $25 ppd. Good. Text, 1 new notebook, 1 part used notebook few extra books used

    SCM Mathematics an Instrument for, Grs. K-8 — $15 ppd. Nice. Living teaching CM math thoughts by Richele Baburina ISBN 9781616342012

    SCM Spelling Wisdom 2,  $20 ppd. New. New simply charlotte mason spelling wisdom book 2

    Spelling Wisdom and ULaW 1 set of 3 bo, Gr. 3 — $25 ppd. Good. Teacher guide+ SW clean. Using LA well has a few random pages use

    Spelling Wisdom and Using La well 3, Gr. 8 — $40 ppd. New. Spelling Wisdom 3 and Using Language well book 3 set of 2 books

    The whole SCM series of D’Nealian copybooks in digital format. I would take a lower offer on the whole set or they are individually priced below.

    Delightful handwriting student book digital DNealian $11

    A child’s Copybook reader 1, 2 and 3 digital DNealian $20 for all 3

    Print to Cursive proverbs book digital DNealian $11

    Hymns in Prose student copybook digital DNealian cursive and reader also digital $19

    Individual studies grade 5 print very nice $18

    Individual studies grade 4 print very nice $18


    I found the print teacher book for this listing

    Delightful handwriting student book digital DNealian $11

    Add the 2 books together for $22 ppd


    None of the handwriting is available. The rest still is.


    Hi Roslyn,

    Sent you an email as I’m looking for the ULW level 3 books. Thanks! -Laura


    ULaW 3 is sold
    spelling wisdom 3 is still available new for $20 ppd

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