For High School: How to teach Bible in-depth? Bible Plan? Apogetics


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    Hi Everyone:
    I am excited to have a high schooler next year so that we can study things at a more advanced level. I am specifically looking at how options for teaching BIBLE.  I would like them, over those 4 years to have a good grasp of the importance of OT in the NT (some symbolic aspects), read the OT and NT in it’s entirety. Also would like them to understand


    *12 tribes of Israel

    *OT festivals (overview)

    *who wrote each book in the NT

    *some apologetics

    Anyone have any of these ideas more fleshed out? Anyone have any resources or sources for study? I’ve not looked into this much yet. Just at the beginning, thinking stages.
    Thanks for listening!



    I have Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook to use as a resource.  It tells background information about each book of the Bible and is a pretty interesting read.


    I’m currently in a mom’s study at our co-op doing a Precept Ministries study of Hebrews.  It’s fantastic and I plan on having my high schoolers add this in.  We’ve gone over quite a bit of the old covenant (because Jesus is the high priest and new covenant discussed in Hebrews) and also went through how all the aspects of the tabernacle are a foreshadowing of Jesus.  Excellent study!


    Kelly, does your church have any resources?  In ours the youth do seminary (early morning scripture class before school) and rotate the focus each year of high school.  So this year Makayla is meeting with other teens and a teacher to study the Old Testament.  They also read the Old Testament this year.  (And next year is New Testament, with reading).   I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and you can access the teacher’s manuals (and student manuals for home study if a teen can’t get to a local class) free here:  You might get some ideas reading through that and can always adapt for any doctrinal differences!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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