Florida Geography? State History?

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    Does anyone have any books they recommend for a year studying Florida’s geography?  Any other resources for teaching state geography/history that should not be missed?  (high school level)



    Have you read anything by Marjorie Rawlings ( The Yearling, etc.)? I have not read anything by her, but I’ve seen her highly recommended on other blogs. I believe most of her stories take place in Florida, and also her autobiography, Cross Creek, details her life growing up in rural Florida.


    I second The Yearling. Love that book.



    The Yearling is very popular for Florida history. Another one that is well loved down here in South Florida is  A Land Remembered. You do want to get the student’s version (which comes in two volumes) as the regular version has a bit of inappropriate content. My son’s two favorite books are Little Britches and A Land Remembered. Girls enjoy it but boys absolutely love it!

    Hope to Learn

    Just some other ideas for you:

    The Florida Sketchbook by Bradford Torrey


    It gives you idea what it looked like in the late 1800s.  (A printed book of this is easier to read, but it is hard to find). It is basically Mr. Torrey’s observations of what he sees as he travels around Florida. He describes the people and the terrain.

    FLORIDA A short History by Michael Gannon  (more text bookish, but if you want Florida history all in one book – this is a good one)

    Depending on what other projects you may be having your high school student do, these may be good resources:




    Thanks so much everyone; this gets me started. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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