Finishing off the education – grade 12 – what would you do?

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    My oldest will be in grade 12 next year – how time has flown by! She is the little girl in my profile picture at age 6!

    I feel like I need to do all the “preparing for adulthood” lessons this coming year and teaching her all those things that I wish I’d have known before going out as an adult on my own.

    These are a few topics I want to cover. What would you include?

    Home finance/budgeting/check writing/grocery shopping/saving money
    Writing professional emails, documents, resume, etc
    She wants to learn more about editing, as she has been writing novels for a few years.
    Nutrition/traditional diets
    Gardening/food preservation in multiple ways (We already do a lot of this, but I’m going to have her do more on her own)
    Minor home maintenance, car care
    Home economics/time management/planning

    I think that’s all I have that is specific.
    I feel like I’m in panic mode, even though it isn’t likely she will up and move out at 18. LOL


    Good job on your list! Thinking Tree has a life skills book for younger kids. We used that and my list.  For history we did Constitution studies and a book on the US citizenship test by Brenda Star called, “Citizenship What Every American Needs to Know”.

    Some life skills are maintaining a calendar and schedule, organizing time and belongings, how to handle failure.

    Two titles from my booklist are ” Scammed by Statistics ” and a Speed Reading book.


    Bless her heart! (I’m from the South) She is so cute. I hear you, my DD is 17 and we are at the end of 11th grade. My hair is slowly turning more grey after each semester (ha, ha)

    Some of the resources I either have or plan on regarding these topics are:

    1. Finance/budjeting, etc. =
    2. Writing professional emails, documents, resume, etc = Writer’s INC book (this is such a well known and well used book, a lot of home school parents and teachers use, like a “writer’s bible” & you can get the teachers guide that goes with it for grading help)

    Not sure on the other subjects, but at least I’ve got a few ideas.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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