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    Hello everyone!

    What are your plans for your fifth graders next year?  Or what was successful in past years with fifth graders?  Or what should we avoid in fifth grade?

    As I impatiently await the birth of our third child, I’m passing the time thinking about school for next year.  I just asked my daughter to rank her preferences for lessons: independent lessons, time learning together with the family, lessons with Mom.  Her answer verbatim was, “independent, independent, independent!”. I’m somewhat surprised.  This is my oldest, extrememely sociable, wants to know what’s going on with everybody, what the plans are for the day/week/month/year/decade, creative (arts and writing), book loving girl.   Just made me wonder about choices for next year.  We have always homeschooled, mostly CM style.  She is comfortable with oral and written narrations.  She does studied dictation, but cannot stand to make a mistake (perfectionist?).  She endures math (definitely sticking with Math U See).  We read a variety of literature for history, geography, science, etc. together, and she reads quite a bit independently.  I like the rhythm of our homeschool, but realize as my children grow, I need to be in tune to each of their needs.

    I hope you’re finishing your school year joyfully and look forward to hearing about your plans for fifth grade!




    I’ll have a 5th grader next year.

    Math: MUS–he’ll probably be finishing up Delta next fall.

    Language Arts: ELTL–I’m pretty sure I’ll be switching everyone to this.  I’m thinking level 3 since he hasn’t had much grammar.   I don’t think we’ll need anything else here.  If it doesn’t include spelling (that may be in RLTL), I have Spelling Wisdom.

    history: SCM’s Middle Ages, Ren. & Ref. guide

    science: SCM’s Learning About Birds guide and possibly Exploring Planet Earth.  I wanted to add Exploring Planet Earth for my 8th grader since the bird guide is for grades 1-6…I think my science-y 5th grader would enjoy it as well.

    We’ll also add in some piano lessons, Latin (memoria press), nature studies, handicrafts (weaving and calligraphy), etc.  I may add typing since I covered that with my oldest child at this age, but we’ll see how the rest goes!


    Character Qualities Language Arts is supposed to be fairly independent once you learn the system.  I purchased it for my older children for next year.


    I typed up our plan for next year, and when I tried to post it last night, the website was down. My daughter (also oldest) will be in 5th grade next year. The plan for next year is:

    Family studies with brother:
    Personal Dev. – LDTR for children habit study
    History – SCM Module 4 + SOTW
    Literature – family read alouds
    AIG – Design for Life + nature study
    Fine Arts – composer and artist study

    Math – MUS
    Copywork – Queen’s Pictures in Cursive
    Typing – TBD
    Language Arts – alternate days between AAS and SW, story starters, grammar of some sort (TBD)
    Geography – map drill
    Bible – AWANA + Precept D4Y Kids
    Fine Arts/Handicrafts – Music lessons, Creating a Masterpiece, sewing lessons
    Spanish – La Clase Divertida
    Missionary Study – YWAM books

    I think that is all I have planned.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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