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  • Aimee

    Hi Everyone!  Just wondering what is everyone’s favorite way to reach typing? Also, what age do you teach it? Thanks so much!

    Rachel White

    This is the one I’ve hard good things about. I would pay the small fee for the school ed. It’s not full of games. I am considering this for my 14 and 15 yr. olds.




    I like BBC’s Dance Mat Typing for the younger ages.  If you google it, you can find the website.  We have the Mavis Beacon typing on CD-ROM for the older DC, but there are plenty of free typing tutorials as well.  You can find the CD at Rainbow resource.

    Alicia Hart

    We used Typer’s Island at ages 9 and 11.  It worked very well for us.  It uses games quite a bit that my kids really enjoyed.


    Typing Instructor worked really great for my 11 year old son. Within a year of small yet regular lessons he has gained so much ground. My 9 year old daughter has just started using it as well. Both enjoy it a lot and ask to use it. I found my copy on Amazon and the version for my MAC was surprisingly inexpensive (just a few dollars).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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