Favorite Field Guides for Amphibians and Flowers

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    Looking for your favorite field guide for amphibians and flowers.  I have followed the recommendations received here for several other field guides in the past and been very pleased.  Thanks in advance!



    We studied wildflowers for the spring/summer this past year and I bought the Fandex field guide for wildflowers. The kids and I really enjoyed using it. They have a front and back full of facts but not Boring dry facts and big words the kids would never remember. They loved pulling it out of the bag and flipping through to see if they could match the flower to the guide and plopped down in the ground to pick a fact or 2 to read to us. The flowers on top are very realistic true to form pictures and shapes of flowers. Made discerning the flowers much easier and they are very big so it’s easy to see them clearly. They hold up well too. We have a few different kinds and none have fallen apart after years of use. But I put them back in the box when they are in our backpacks and not in use.


    happy flower hunting!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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