Favorite Christian Math pre-algebra

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    We’ve used Abeka, but I didn’t want to use unrevised versions.  So we switched to Master Books.  I’m not sure I am happy with it, but I need to start thinking about pre-algebra.  I need something rigorous without a lot of reading–Master Books Principles of Mathematics has a lot of reading.  It seems like so many math curriculums are secular.  Does anyone have a rigorous Christian math they prefer?  I am considering going back to Abeka, lol.  It doesn’t have to be CM.  Thanks!


    We tried BJU Pre Algebra and it was really good. Very teacher intensive though, but very, very thorough. We currently use Math U See which works better for my students. But if I need a more rigorous math in the future  I will definitely use BJU.

    Saxon is one that many homeschoolers love. Also Christian Light is one I have heard praised.


    For the most part, math is math and a Christian curriculum teaches the same math as a secular one. The differences are in approach….The New Math, Mastery, Spiral.

    A Beka, BJU, Rod and Staff….those are traditional and designed for a classroom so they require more teacher involvement (and are Christian publishers.) They are all rigorous, but I don’t know that R&S has a true pre-algebra program.

    ACE and Christian Light Education are designed for more independent work and are less teacher intensive. They are have 10-12 workbooks per grade. ACE has memory verses in it and I think CLE might, too.  ACE is a mastery program and CLE is a spiral.

    Master Books is supposed to be CM. Imo, Math U See is more so. My kids actually mastered concepts with Math U See, but forgot things they already knew with Master Books. Master Books is not rigorous.

    Saxon is rigorous and is a spiral program but is not from a Christian perspective.

    We use Life of Fred which teaches Biblical truth and is more CM friendly. It is rigorous. But it does require a lot of reading since the lesson is in a story format.  (My son thinks he should get to skip reading after doing his math. 🙂 )

    So, you really have a lot of options. It just depends on what you want.



    It’s been a very long while since I’ve visited this forum. I agree with the previous poster that math is math. Hands down the best middle school and Prealgebra math we have used is not created for homeschoolers but for college students. Margaret Lial’s Basic College Mathematics, remedial for college, is a perfect 6/7th math text. Lial’s Pre-Algebra is just as good.  You need not have the latest edition and all of the teaching is in the text.

    Mr. D Math and My Homeschool Math Class are good options for hiring out math class if need be.


    Hi, have you considered Teaching Textbooks. I used this for my 2 students that I graduated and it was great for them, Anyway, it might be worth checking into.

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