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    I am extremely conflicted about planning for this upcoming school year. I had planned to go with mostly Master Books, but something is really holding me back. A little background. We have been homeschooling for 11 years. When I was researching homeschool methods in the beginning I stumbled across Karen Andreola’s website and fell in love with the CM method. We started out the first few years using MFW and HOD. Those just didn’t seem to fit anymore and we have been faltering ever since. I still love the CM method, but have trouble implementing it fully. We tried AO a couple times. My youngest enjoyed it for the most part. My kids all prefer the CM method over more traditional methods. I spoke with them all about it over the last couple days and that is the consensus. I want to spend the remaining few years with my oldest truly enjoying our schooling. Not just going through the motions like we have been. What keeps you with using SCM and the CM method of you have been using it for a while? The other thing is that I really like to be able to choose our own living books to read.


    Give yourself permission to do only the CM parts that work for you. We are eclectic over here, but love the CM parts we use.

    For history I’m using some Train Up a Child unit study book suggestions, but we add Diana Waring’s stories on cd, Christian Light Education real books, and a Biblioplan coloring book. We will add a few hands on projects too.

    I like A Living History of our World books from MB, which one daughter is using alone, but the rest of us are using TUAC books, per my youngest daughter’s request.

    For language arts I’m mostly using Queens Language Lessons series and A Gentle Feast language arts. For reading I used AGF, and now use instructions from a blog post about CM reading using a book and doing word building with words the child needs help with. I’m also using the Secret Stories for reading.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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