Entering a Beautiful Feet Study into the Organizer, Help, please.

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    I just purchased the BF Horse Study for my horse crazy daughter. I’m wondering the best way to enter this resource. It has ~ 90 lessons, but ea. lesson is varied. Here is a sample. I know I can use the “use with” feature, but do I really want 3-5 things to check off each time it is scheduled. 

    I appreciate any help in thinking this one through.



    Sonya Shafer

    Here’s how I would set it up if I were doing it. Enter the BF Horse Study as a resource with the 90 lessons as division (untitled). Then also schedule the main living books used in the study. In the sample, it listed Album of Horses and King of the Wind. I would have those books show up every day that I was doing the BF Horse Study, but refer to the study guide to see which ones we were actually using that day. I could then manually close those book resources that we wouldn’t be using for that day, and mark off the chapters on the ones we were using.

    So you would be marking off the lessons in the Horse Study main guide as you progressed through them (probably doing some Worked On days, assuming you wouldn’t do all the activities listed on one day) and marking off your main living books’ chapters as you progressed through them. That way those main books would also show up in your Reports beside the Horse Study guide book.

    Just one idea.


    I didn’t look at your guide sample but am imagining it is similar to how a Sonlight guide works . . . where you use certain books on some days and not on others.  Sonya’s idea above is a good one (and for one of our Cores I will likely do it that way).  But another way to do it is to list your Resource as “BF Horse Study” have your divisions be “readings” or another title.   You will have more than 90 divisions as you will enter the readings as they appear in the guide in order.  Then you only need to refer to your guide to inform your daugther how many “readings’ she needs to complete that day. 

    For example, day one is Book A and Book B.  Day two is Book A, Book C and a writing assignment.  In the resource these are all chronological.  Reading 1 – Book A, Reading 2 – Book B, Reading 3 -Book A, Reading 4 – Book C, Reading 5 – writing assignment.  She would complete Reading 1 and 2 on day 1, then Reading 3, 4 and 5 on Day 2  . . . and so on.  Does that make sense?

    I think I like Sonya’s example better because you can keep track of the books better and close them out.  Both require the extra step of looking at the guide to know what books to do what day and/or how many readings/lessons to do to stay on track.  The only thought I have on streamlining that is to place a note the morning of how many lessons or readings to complete???  The other idea is to simply enter the books and not worry about following another guide, letting your child move through the material at their own pace.  Using Sonya’s suggestion for tracking the living books makes more sense if you use that approach.  The curriculum guide is then the “idea box” but not the scheduler.  I like this approach and am looking forward to using the SCM Organizer in this way so that we are focused more on the learning and not on how closely we can stick to a schedule.  i still like my curriculum choice, just stepping away from their structured guide to let the learning happen in a more flexible manner so that we move through the material at a pace that my child can handle and enjoy at the same time.  Hoping that helps a little!?!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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