Enrichment Studies and the Loop System

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  • Mrs_Longworth

    Has anyone used the Enrichment Studies Lesson Plans in a loop system? If so, how do you loop, while doing memory and literature daily as assigned?


    I love the loop idea, but can it be combined with Enrichment Studies Lesson Plans? I love the “Tip” ideas for each subject, but can’t think of how to seamlessly combine the two.

    Jandyra Maciel

    I came across a mum who did ‘Monday Symposium’ (my apologies, I can’t remember who it was), and we implement the concept as an hour period each Monday where we do memory work, singing and alternate between artist study/composer study/poetry reading. We finish up our Symposium with Plutarch. It’s relaxed and a peaceful way to begin the study week.

    We alternate two main loop subjects daily, at the moment it is between Julius Caesar (literature) and physics.


    Could you use 2 or 3 sticky tabs? That’s what I do in our SCM history lessons when Bible, independent history and mom read history get off jogged;) It’s not perfect but it works?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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