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  • This next school year will be my first in SCM and I am SO excited! I’m decided that I will be using the Daily Lessons Plans for Gens-Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt. I’m not decided on the Enrichment Daily Lessons Plans Vol 1., because I have a lot of my own stuff to substitute and I’m on a budget.

    Q. Would the daily lesson plans still help me if I don’t use all the recommended material?

    Here is an example of what I’ll be using and what I won’t:

    Scripture Memory: Free Pack 1 printables.

    Family Read alouds: Young Group books;

    Poetry: Robert Louis Stevenson but using my own Book: A Child’s Garden of Verses;

    Handicrafts & Art: YouTube videos on basket weaving, woodworking, and Art ( I may follow their Art recommendation for term 3)

    Hymn Study: I’ll be using my own Hymn story books

    Music Study: Using AO recommended FREE resources

    Shakespeare: I am leaning toward buying the Shakespeare in Three Steps, but wondering if I could save some $$$ and use AO Free resources.

    Personal Development: Laying Down the Rails

    Foreign Language: A free Spanish App and my own knowledge.

    Q. I know what I want to use for Enrichment studies, but I’m uncertain how to get it in a daily lesson planner. Would the daily planners help me since I’m using so many other substitute materials? What do you recommend? Would the CM organizer help me? Advice?

    I am also pretty certain I’ll be getting the lesson plans for my daughters 3rd grade individual studies.


    I forgot to add: I’ll be doing the recommended Picture Study from the lesson plans


    I have not used the enrichment plans, though I don’t doubt they are fantastic! because like you I like to mix and match for the enrichment options.

    Instead I have a basic plan/schedule similar to the one here (scroll down a little)


    I have a basic weekly plan that I created in xcel. At the top are the individual studies and the bottom 1/2 of the page are enrichment. Some are daily, like scripture memorization, and some are weekly like poetry. I fill it out for what works for us and our personal schedule. So some days have 3 enrichment subjects and other days just one. It works really smoothly for us, and if we miss a day, no worries we just do it the next week 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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