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    My DD going into grade 3 is only about 1/4 of the way through EFTTC (book 1) We are going to kick it up a notch from 1-2 lessons a week to 2-3, I think?

    I have lately been getting extremely irritated with her grammar…and wondering if it is wrong to start simply grammar right now, or do we need to be done the efttc first? I’m referring to the wrong wording, sentencing in daily speech, etc.

    Also, is it wrong in yo ur thoughts to be correcting a grade 1 student in their daily grammar?

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    Sonya Shafer

    My first thought is that Simply Grammar might be a bit much for a beginning 3rd grader. I don’t think it will help with her everyday speaking; it focuses more on parts of speech and things like that.

    IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) children learn the bulk of their correct speaking grammar in daily conversations. So, no, I don’t think it’s wrong to correct them. The question is “How” to correct them. Obviously, we don’t want to lower the boom and make them feel ignorant. I try to simply restate any incorrect phrase correctly in a gentle voice and with an encouraging (rather than reproachful) look on my face. I didn’t correct them in public when it would embarrass them. (Yes, sometimes it embarrassed ME.) And of course, I tried to use correct grammar myself! 🙂

    Oh, one last thought: You might try focusing on instilling/reinforcing the habit of attention in conjunction with these ideas. The more we can train our children to pay attention, the better their chances at learning from those impromptu teaching times.

    And a final last thought (;-) ) Don’t worry. The English language is crazy. It’s a process to learn all the in’s and out’s and exceptions and irregular usages. So give them time, surround them with beautiful words used correctly, and I’m sure they’ll soak it up.


    Thank you for the answer Sonya! That makes sence! Actually, as I was reading your post, a flood of ideas came to me on things we could do to work on this subject without diving into a book. I definately will need to work on the HOW to correct them!

    Would it be too early to start other DD 6 (grade 1) on EFTTC? Thank you and blessings!


    I love what Sonya said about the “how” to correct them in daily speaking. We’ve been implementing it this way in our house….

    Thismorning my 7 year old son watched his baby brother pull himself up to our couch. This is what he said “Mom, looked he standed up all by himself!” In a normal tone of voice, with a smile on my face, I repeated “Yes, look he stood up all by himself.”

    Whether or not this is the right way to correct him, we’ve been doing it this way for awhile and his speech seems to be getting much better. I’ll let you know in about a year if its really been doing the job. LOL 🙂

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