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    I suppose I might come across as selfish, but I am in need of some learning, reading, project time for me!  I don’t know if that ties in to Mother Culture or not.  I desire to read through several books I own and others from the library or other sources, to catalog more books into my home library, to watch the awesome DVD set from SCM I’ve had for ages (as well as Sally Clarkson and Carole Joy Seid), to have some time to write, etc.  I feel like I never can make myself do those things when I have the chance (instead I often get caught wasting time on Facebook or in some other way).  So frustrating!  I suppose I should go back to reading my copy of Laying Down the Rails for Yourself and maybe I’ll find some helpful, directional tidbit.  I am one who likes to have a plan laid out and when the “plan” (whether mine for my “learning” or the kids’ school plan) falls through I struggle to maintain some sort of order.  The other issue truly is that I am not joyful right now about learning and that is hard to get past.  When I’m not excited about what we’re doing, why should my kiddos be?  Funny thing is that when I find that thing, plan, or idea that excites and I bring it forth for my crew their response is less than supportive and interested.  Where is the balance in must do, mama wants to, and delight-led enjoyment?  I’m rambling…I know it.  I guess I’m hoping that another mama out there has some suggestions, some ideas, some hopeful words, or maybe can relate.  I want to dive in to some things for me because then I feel like my joy, excitement, and contentment will spill over onto my children for their studies.  Where do I get a new reserve of energy to do what I want to do and, of course, not waste my time doing nothingness?  And where do my beautiful babies fit into all of this?  Oh, Father, help me!


    Oh, HUGS, mama, we’ve all been there!!

    First of all, make sure you are taking a good vitamin, one that works for your body.  I can’t even begin to tell you the world of difference it makes for me when I am eating well (lots of protein and fruits and veggies, not as much bread and carbs) AND taking a quality vitamin.

    My morning starts between 6-6:30.  I get up, make myself some tea, and spend at least 30 minutes reading the Bible, in prayer, and reading whatever else is on my list (usually another spiritual book).  It starts my day right.

    After this I move right to my exercise time, usually 20-30 minutes.  Kids tend to be trolling around by then, grabbing breakfast, reading, or joining me doing weights or stretching.

    That just starts my day right.  I have a better mindset, more energy, and less irritation as the day progresses.  I’ll admit that I, too, get distracted by screens, but my morning time is fairly disciplined.  I know I need it for my day to go well.

    Are you on summer break for school yet?  Sounds like you need some time to rest and reset, too!  Prayers for you.


    Whenever things seem not to be going well I re-plan.  My kids and I all have our own sheet to tell us what to get done before we have free time.  Mine has their read-alouds on it and tells me to check their math and read poetry to them etc. but I can also tell myself to read a book for myself.  I redo the sheets if life seems off.  I write down what I want to accomplish and it spurs me to get those important things done before I check e-mail and get distracted.


    I always make myself read a non-fiction book that goes along with what we’re studying in history.  Right now, I’m reading about Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates – fascinating!

    And I also try to get alone with a cup of coffee sometime in the afternoon.  ☕

    I do have a hobby – I like to sew clothes. However, I don’t get chance tonsew near as much as I’d like, so I follow sewing blogs, sewing Youtube channels, etc. I daydream about sewing!  I feel like these things are my escape and my “vacation” and my Mother Culture.



    Short lessons work for mom too.  😉 I can usually fit in 15-20 minutes of reading or Latin in the evenings.  Like Karen, I started adding in my own history book.  This year I read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, often during the kids’ co-op time.  I never make a dent in my reading list (too many good books), but it’s a start.

    The middle grades of Ambleside Online make for good reading to get you started out.  Pick an easier to read classic…I still can’t get into Sir Walter Scott, but Robert Louis Stevenson is within my capabilities.

    Podcasts are great too.  I listen to A Delectable Education as I fold laundry and wash dishes.  It keeps the chores less tedious and I gain a bit of knowledge, not to mention the encouragement.  Maybe audio books would work here too?

    We read 1-3 chapters of the Bible each day as a family, so I don’t do a separate Bible reading at this time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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