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    Essays by other people.  Like I, Pencil, which is freely available on the internet and I could mention a couple of other really good ones.  There are some EXCELLENT writers out there today trying to get the economic message out there that have really, really displayed some creativity.  There is an essay that I think might still be on a blog, I’ll look, that showed a bunch of kids trading Halloween candy and one kind of candy developed as a “money” and they all traded on the basis of that–very well done!  It is in a book on called “It’s a Jetsons World” which is also outstanding, but like Stossel more of a topical book than a traditional exposition of principles. 

    I’d suggest for money What Has Government Done to Our Money from  The same site has a PHENOMENAL 40 minute video called Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve, and it does cost, but it is only five dollars, and it is extremely well done, very high-interest.

    Do consider getting the most recent Stossel free video, and look up the Edgar the Exploiter video on Youtube sometime.  They are a lot more  high-interest than the Khan videos, which are solid, the ones I’ve seen, but not exactly exciting.  Also, John Stossel has a weekly program on Fox Business, if you get TV.  You DO need to preview the topic for the night, as once we wandered in and turned it on to discover an hour long program promoting deregulating prostitution (whatever the merits on economic grounds, I wasn’t about to watch that with three teen boys!!!)  Also he does periodic specials on Fox News and they are usually terrific.

    You’re right, there IS a tremendous available online now!


    I could stand the name of a few good essays as this is one area I am not well-versed. Thanks.




    Bookworm – Thanks for the feedback.  I’m beginning to look into some of your suggestions…don’t know how much I’ll be able to use b-4 graduation fro my oldest in a few weeks – but hopefully I can give her some ideas to pursue further knowledge on the subject afterwards as well.  I’m so glad for the converging of minds here.  I learn a lot.  And its always good to get a reality check from someone more well-educated than myself.  I just often find it too late to implement well with my oldest kids.  Sometimes they joke that they’re the guinea pigs – and I’m afraid there’s more truth in it than I’m comfortable with sometimes!



    Bookworm – 

    I would love to see a long range plan for 7th – 12th grade for this topic. I like the looks of a lot of the ideas you have listed, but in my head, I’m having difficulty putting it all together. Also, currclick has online classes and that might be an excellent way for you to teach this topic! I’d sign up today!



    I found this link –

    I would love something so well laid out to work through over the next 6 years. Anyone?


    Oh goodness! my dh and I were just discussing this! I was saying how I felt it was such an important subject to teach properly and thoroughly yet I felt very poorly equipped to put together a plan on my own. I would LOVE it if there were already a solid plan put together that I would feel comfortable using.

    Am I right in thinking that a good time to start teaching this formally would be 7th? or should I be doing something right away with my up and coming 6th grader? thanks for bringing back this thread, missceegee!


    Rachel White

    I’m working on my long-tern schedule for Economics, too.

    Some resources I’m looking at using:

    …Penny Candy

    Common Sense Business for Kids

    Capitalism for Kids

    Economics: A Free Reader

    Lessons for the Young Economist – Robert Murphy

    Economics in One Lesson – Henry HAzlitt

    Basic Economics: A COmmon Sense Guide to the Economy – Thomas Sowell

    Economics for Everybody :

    Economics in a Box :

    Thinkwell and/or Great Courses


    I am interested in the long-term plan as well. Right now I have a 4th grader who does not have a very good idea of the value of $ amounts…how much a dollar will buy…what it takes to earn a dollar. I am looking at using some Jr. Dave Ramsey products. I would like to see plans for 4th – 12th on Economics/personal finance. Would the SCM Business Math course fit in here? Sonlight used to have Penny Candy as a read aloud for 5th grade. (I have an old catalog.) Is that too young though?

    Rachel White

    I think the SCm Business course would fit in around 6th? I don’t know, you’ll have to look. I do think 5th is too young for Penny Candy.

    Sonlight has an economics package.

    Libery Fund Books has classic, free-market economics books available.

    Also, Adam Smith and Bastiat. Maybe some writings of Alexander Hamilton to mix things up a bit since he was a high-Federalist and our first Treas. Sec. It’d be interesting to compare and contrast ideas.


    Godonomics is a nice addition.


    Bumping. I would still like to have a 6th-12th plan of some sorts. Bookworm? Others?



    Have you looked at AO suggestions? I needed to refer to the House of Education article and for some reason looked at the Year 7 Lite list. Penny Candy caught my eye, which reminded me of your post from a couple of days ago. Maybury’s titles aren’t the only ones read over years 7-12. Also, there are suggestions for combining years 9, 10, and 11. That might allow for even more titles in this area.

    CMH also had this study spread out over several years. Similar to AO, as you know.

    My older kids enjoyed Economics in One Lesson, Godonomics, The Law, and other titles. They didn’t all pursue these in the same order, or at the same “grade” levels.

    Not sure this is helping, but the brain trigger made me comment. ;0)

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