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    Any words of wisdom before I decided which to buy?  Since all the SCM books are offered in either fashion, I’m not sure how to proceed.  Some I think I might like a hard copy better, but some I might be okay printing because then I can reprint if necessary.  I know buying a hard copy I have to factor in shipping, but if I buy the ebook I will have to print it out.  Ink and paper add up and I called Office Depot and it’s 10cents a page for b&w copies.

    Please share with me how you decided.



    I have a Kindle, so I buy the ebooks as that is a real money-saver.  Plus I have 4 children so I figure that one ebook used 4x makes it a great deal!  However, if you were going to print them out yourself, I would think you’d be better off just buying the printed copy.  Also, one advantage the printed copy has that the ebook doesn’t is that you can resell the printed copy if you don’t like it or if you are finished. 


    I do both, depending on its purpose.  If it’s a book we’re just going to read I buy it for my Kindle.  If it’s a teacher guide type book I usually get the hardcopy because I like to write in them.  I add notes (in pencil) showing which other books we’re going to add at a specific time, a “craft” or recipe, or when we want to have something finished, etc.  If it’s a student manual type resource, I try to look at how many pages I’ll actually need to copy.  If every page needs to be printed then I’d probably go for the printed version because I’m LAZY and don’t want to print up whole books and put them together.  If it’s just a few pages here and there for my 4 different kids over the years, then I’ll use an ebook.  


    I depends on the book. I got Spelling Wisdom as an e-book so that I could print the pages as needed. Outdoor Secrets and the companion, though, I got the actual book so that we could use them together as a family.

    I guess, for me, it just depends what I’m going to need the book for.

    (Sorry, that’s probably no help. I struggle with the same question all the time).


    If you really want to have print copies of your e-version try a local print shop versus the big retailers – I just got copies for 5 cents a page doublesided!  So it was $2.50 to print out 100 pages front to back.

    I also buy both print and e-versions depending on how quickly I need it – if I can find someone to share shipping costs with and what the purpose of the book will be.  I like to have the history guides in printed format, but the Book of Centuries I got as an eversion to print one for each child.


    You all have just brought up a question I had. How do I get them printed without having to spend so much on ink and paper.

    Where are they places you can get them printed and how?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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