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    We have been trying to get through Junior Analytical Grammar for a while now.  The first 6 units have taken forever.  I want to try something differnet before our son gets completely turned off to grammar. (We had to do this with math several years ago.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch it soon enough and we’re still suffering the repercussions.)  I’m looking at Easy Grammar Ultimate.  Our son really loves words and language and I want to foster that rather than have it squashed by a curriculum that doesn’t fit.  Here’s my question – is a student book necessary with EGU?  I noticed that it isn’t with Daily Grams and am wondering if the student can work right out of the EGU teacher book as well.

    Thanks! Linda


    I’m not sure what EGU is, do you mean the EGplus?  I’ve used it and i think I have the teachers one.  The only differece was that one had answers in the back.  Mine have written in the book.  This coming school year, we’re just going to do the Daily Grams for review (for my 2nd grader that’s all there is in the first book)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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